Movie About An Argentina Dogo



Last week I was watching an interesting movie about an Argentina Dogo. 

For those of you who don't know, an Argentina Dogo is a very interesting and multi function breed. (if we may call it that way...)

Just as with pitbulls, it is a result of many cross breeds and the final result is a dog that can be used for hunting, guarding a property or simply for company.

It is a very strong and challenging breed (similar to pitbulls) and requires an experienced firm owner.

Definitely not for the first time or casual owner.

Anywayz, the movie I was talking about is called "Bombon, el Perro".

It´s about this guy who lost his job and somehow hucks up with this beautiful /with pedigree / show type of Argentine Dogo.

He does not know anything about dogs but quickly creates a very intense bond with his new best friend.

Strangely enough,  his live gets better as a result of his new found friend because experienced Dogo breeders see a big potential in his dogo.

They explain him how the dog show business works, and make him aware that if you win some prices your dog can be very in demand for many different things.

Dogos are beautiful dogs and sometimes share the same type of dark past as pitbulls.

You see, they are very strong, fearless creatures that have been trained to hunt wild boars as well as pumas.


Because wild boars would destroy the crops and pumas would kill the lambs of many farmers.

You needed a dog that was good around humans and lambs and fearless around boars and pumas.

As a result they have caught the attention of the same type of people that use pitbulls for creating fighting rings.

Hopefully these people will be chased by the authorities so that we won´t here any other sad stories.

Oh by the way, you can buy the movie on Amazon, it´s in Spanish but has English subtitles.