Blue Pit Bulls Dogs

When looking for blue pit bulls dogs there are some things that you should keep in mind before choosing the right one.

You see when a breed is or becomes popular such as the pitbull there are a lot of backyard breeders that jump on the trend and start breeding pitbulls (or think they are breeding pitbulls….) with no idea about what the breed really is about or what would be the best selection considering both physical appearance and temperament.

As a general guideline for your search I would advise you to go for the breeder that has been around for a while, belongs to one or more clubs, is also involved in show competitions and NEVER breeds its dogs for fighting purposes.
This type of breeder takes pride in breeding the best blue pitbull there is and is very passionate about preserving the lineage.

He will give you good advise on how to live with your pitbull and keep in touch with you even after the purchase, just to see how your pit is doing.

And you know what? He might even ask you to pass a short test to see if you are the right owner for a pitbull. There have been cases where serious blue pit bull kennels have refused to sell their pits to people who might not be the right potential owners.

Now here is a short list of some blue pit bulls dogs breeders, hope you find it helpful.

And remember to go visit them before deciding to buy a pitbull.

Trillpits, Phone: 617 – 445-7531


Suarez Bulls Kennels


Ultimate Blues

Contact: Kim Taylor and Don Guerrieri



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