Innova Dog Food

Innova dog food is produced by Natura Pet Products, a company that has your pet’s health in mind when developing all of its products.

Natura Pet Products was founded when three pet lovers, John and Ann Rademakers and Peter Atkins, grew increasingly dissatisfied with the pet food options sold in grocery stores. They wanted to develop a food that would provide optimum nutrition.

Working with nutritionists and animal experts, they developed a food void of fillers and unhealthy ingredients and packed with ingredients that will help pets live their healthiest lives.

Innova dog food is holistic food that includes EPA and DHA, Glucosamine and Chondroiton, vitamin E and – much to the surprise of some dog owners - pumpkin, which is a great source of antioxidants. What else goes into every bag and can of this high quality food?

· High quality ingredients

· Only whole foods are used, no meat by products are included

· Only real foods. No artificial preservatives are ever used.

The makers of Innova dog food are always testing their products and doing additional research to be sure they continue to offer the highest quality dog food that is on the market. Below is a description of some of the Innova dog food products.

Dry Food

Innova includes a variety of dry dog food products. In addition to the various formulas of food, there are also small bites and large bites. This allows you to buy a food that is easier for your dog to eat. There are also formulas for senior dogs , large breeds and puppies as well as a low fat food to help your overweight dog get back into shape.

Canned Food

The various formulas for the canned food are the same as for the dry. Canned food can be given as an occasional treat or as your dog’s regular meals. This formula is healthy enough that, if fed according to the package directions, will provide all needed nutrition without including extra or empty calories.


Pet owners love to give their dogs treats almost as much as dogs love getting them. Innova Health Bars are like treats to your dog, but are actually real food made to the same high standards as all of the other Innova products. These treats come in small and large sizes and contain food from the five food groups: protein, dairy, vegetable, fruit and grain.

Your dog will think he is getting a treat, and you will know that you are giving him a nutritionally sound snack.

Because Innova uses only the best ingredients, and does not use fillers to bulk up each bag of food, this brand does cost more than other types of dog food. While it costs more per bag, many pet owners are surprised to see that their dog eats less of Innova than they did of their old grocery store brand.

That is because this is a high quality food that provides all of the nutrition that your dog needs. He is hungry less and therefore eats less. Also, because of the high quality ingredients, your dog absorbs more. This results in many pet owners noticing less waste which makes picking up after your dog a bit less of a chore.

Truly nutritious dog food costs more, but many pet owners believe their dog, and his good health, is worth it.

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