Pit Bull Puppy Training

What is the best pit bull puppy training program?

Before starting any program, it is my belief that you should know how a pitbull, or any dog for that matter, thinks.

In a nutshell what all the top trainers such as Cesar Millan and Doggy Dan always say is that dogs come from wolfes and that they are used to live in packs. Every Pack has their leader who acts as one and all the other members are followers.

If you are too lazy to read books you can also watch some free videos where the theory of the Pack leader is explained in great details.

To be a Pack leader is to act firmly but not using violence. Pack leaders are respected and admired, not feared. That´s why violence does not work when training a pit bull puppy.

Want to see an example of pit bull puppy training?

When feeding your pup he should always see that you are feeding yourself first (this is what Pack leaders do).

When going out for a walk you exit the door before your pitbull puppy. This is because Pack leaders are the first of the group when wandering around.

You should also make sure that you praise your pit at the right time. What exactly is the right time? Dogs associate very quickly so when he does a desired behavior you praise him instantly with either a treat or by petting him.

And what about socializing your puppy with other people? This is not difficult because as I said before pitbulls are known for NOT beeing human aggressive.

You should take your pitbull on long walks, get him to meet all kinds of people such as male, female, children , people in uniform and so on. He will then understand that humans are his friends and that they don´t compete with him for food or sexually (finding mates).

Remember the more he gets used to situations from early on the better he will be when adult.

Introducing your pit to other dogs works the same way however we must always respect its instincts knowing that some pitbulls can be dog agressive no matter what.

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