Pit Bull Rescue Group in Missouri

If you are looking for a pit bull rescue group in the Missouri area then look no further.

As you well know I am all in favour of people doing their homework before getting a dog, especially a pitbull which can be a challenging breed.

However it does not matter how often we say and repeat this because there will always be people who are not prepared to own a pit.

Sadly many times these abandoned pitbulls end up beeing put to sleep when they could live a happy life.

Thanks to some rescue groups this sad trend can be fought with great determination.

Exemples of such a group is PAWS PLACE INC owned by Paul and Joyce Rhodes.

Paws Place Inc. is a NO kill rescue in Missouri which is specialized in pitbull rescue, rehabilitation and adoption. They currently house 4 pits beeing 3 females and one male.

Below you can find their contact address.

To Paul and Joyce: Keep up your wonderful work!!

Paul & Joyce Rhodes


Lake of the Ozarks Area

Animal Rescue and Shelter

501(c)(3) Status

573-216-1391 or 573-216-1497

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