The pitbull attack that could have been avoided

Never trust your pitbull not to fight......another dog.


Because we cannot forget the past, never.

Pitbull type of dogs were bred for fighting other animals including bulls and other dogs.

Is it disgusting?

Of course.

Should we just forget about the past?

Of course NOT.

Today I was talking with a man who owns a small Jack Russel terrier. If you can´t picture how a Jack Russel looks like just remember the movie "The mask" featuring Jim Carrey.

If you haven´t seen the movie then stop reading this story.

(just kidding)

Anyway, he told me that one day at the dog park his dog was offleash and went to attack a male pitbull who was onleash.

The fight didn´t last very long.

The pit immediately grabbed the neck of the J.Russel turning him around. The pitbull owner said "STOP" in a decisive tone and his dog immediately backed off.

Blood was running from the Jack Russels neck. Luckily it wasn´t too deep and he survived with no major damage.

"You were lucky that I am a professional handler, because otherwise your dog would be dead". The pit owner said.

"Pitbulls usually don´t let go when they fight".

Now you might be wondering what lessons should we learn from this story. Glad you asked:

1. Know your dog. Jack Russels are small but oftentimes have a bad temper and don´t get along with same sex dogs. They are known for their courage even beeing small.

2. Since you know your dog, don´t let him offleash at dog parks.

3. Don´t go to dog parks with your pitbull unless you are a professional handler. Imagine if the pitbull killed the other dog who, by the way, started the fight. Law suit, media attention, blame it on the pitbull breed.

4. The saying "pitbulls may not start the fight, but they always finish it" exixst for a reason.

Fortunately this story had a happy ending but all dog owners, not just pit owners, should learn how to prevent such attacks.

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