Pitbull Toys, which ones are the best?

What pitbull toys should you choose for your best friend?

Knowing that pitbulls are power chewers that can destroy even the most apparently resistant toy in a few minutes it is best to know what you are getting.

Your pitbull will get some challenge and your wallet some relief if you don´t have to continually replace a toy.

Out of all the choices out there one the best ones are Kong toys.

Kong toys have been created by Joe Markham who was becoming increasingly frustrated with his German Shepherd, Fritz who had a bad habit to chew on rocks, which was considered not too safe for his teeth if you know what I mean.

One day while fixing his car, Markham noticed that Fritz was again chewing on rocks.

Markham was very annoyed and began tossing car parts from under the hood noticing that a rubber piece distracted his dog from the stones.

In 1976, Kong was born.

Before getting to which pitbull toys are best, remember that all pits are different so you should check which type of toy grabs the most attention of your best friend.

What about the toy size?

Consider that your pit should be able to chew the toy without the risk of swallowing it. So use your common sense when selecting the toy.

The material should be very resistant, not easy to destroy and no sharp edges that could hurt your pit.

Some of my favorite type of toys include the Black Kong for power chewers which are extremely resistant and the Kong extreme goodie bone.

Another great toy is the Zogoflex air dash which you can throw at a long distance and your pit will go nuts in trying to catch it.

If your pitbull likes to play soccer with an indestructible ball then the Unbreakoball is a great choice.

You should also make sure that the colors of the toy are different than the surface. For instance, don´t throw green toys in your backyard (providing it has grass...) as they would be difficult to find.

Now go have some fun with your best friend!!

pitbull toys

Don´t dare try to steal my toy!!

Introducing the Unbreakoball

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