Pitbulls Fights...a street robber

Pitbulls fights are often associated with some underground circles were people bet and commit other type of crimes.

Also, in the past I have often mentioned about the media beeing very quick to to codemn pitbulls as beeing some kind of vicious killers going for BLOOD whenever possible.

Sometimes, however, the media surprises us, pitbull lovers, in some surprising ways by publishing stories where pitbulls are heroes and not villains.

Thanks media for beeing so kind.

Anyways, the story I am talking about is of a pitbull mix that came to rescue of a woman and her 2 year old child while they were about to be robbed at knife point.

Not only was the pitbull able to scare the robber away, he also stayed with the lady and her baby until the police came.

Keep in mind that pits are and always will be dogs with A BIG HEART!!

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