Pitbulls Picture

Some friends of mine who own pits recently sent me their pitbulls picture and I would like to share them with you.

First is a female pitbull called Leona, check out the grey/brindle markings on her beautiful coat.

She has a great temperament and is friendly with both other dogs and humans.

Some months ago the owners found a stray puppy close to their house and Leona was very quick to adopt him.

She would play with him almost all day long showing some great patience.

pitbulls picture

Leona getting a massage on her belly

pitbulls picture

Leona posing for the camera

pitbulls picture

some noise catching Leona´s attention

Next comes a beautiful male pitbull mix. I don´t know exactly which other breed he is mixed with but my guess would be either a labrador or a rhodesian ridgeback.

He is also very friendly with both humans and other dogs. And he is an excellent guard dog which is not very common for pitbulls.

Maybe the mixed part is helping with this task....as I found out that Rhodesian Ridgebacks can be great guard dogs if you teach them the correct way.

pitbulls picture

on duty protecting his property

pitbulls picture

I think I need to get up and check what´s going on

There are many other places where you can see pitbulls pictures, and if you care to buy books or calendars then amazon has a great selection.

If you would like your pit featured on this website pls go ahead and send me some pictures along with a short description/presentation of your best friend.

You can also mention something funny or interesting that your pit did and I will be more than glad to include it.

This way we can change some of the stereotypes that are commonly associated with pitbulls such as them beeing killers, evil dogs and so on.

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