Wellness Dog Food

Wellness dog food began in 1926 when Old Mother Hubbard Bakery started churning out dog biscuits. From that simple start, the company has grown into Wellness, one of the leaders in providing healthy dog food that contains only the purest of ingredients.

A while after the first dog biscuit was sold, Old Mother Hubbard decided that they needed to develop a new formula for their dog biscuits.

They decided to include only ingredients that were 100% natural. In were meat, fruit and vegetables.

Out were fillers and anything that was high in fat.

In the early 1990’s, the company decided to launch a line of dog foods that were just as nutritionally sound as the biscuits, and Wellness dog food was born. Working with a team of nutritionists and animal experts, a line of dog food was developed. This dog food was not the same as the typical grocery store brands.

Wellness wanted the dog food to be just as healthy as their biscuits. Today, they offer a full line of products that include deboned meats, grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. The meat that they include in their food does not contain any added hormones.

Wellness believes that the ingredients used are not the only factor in determining what makes a healthy dog food. They know the ingredients that are excluded can be just as important. That is why there is no animal fat, artificial coloring, soy or preservatives. Because they want every dog to be able to benefit from this high quality food, they also carefully removed ingredients that many dogs tend to be allergic to, such as wheat and soy.

Wellness sells a whole line of dry food, wet food and dog snacks, all made using the same high standards. Below is a list of just some of the available products.

Dry Foods

Core – These are grain free foods and include original recipe , reduced fat and ocean recipe.

Canned Foods

Dogs enjoy a gourmet meal every now and Wellness canned foods give dog owners a way to provide their dogs with a very special treat that is still nutritionally sound. Some of the canned food flavors include chicken and sweet potato , turkey and sweet potato, New Zealand lamb and sweet potato and whitefish and sweet potato.

Like with the dry foods, there are special formulas for puppies and senior dogs.

Specialty Foods

Some dogs are more prone to food allergies than others. This can make finding a delicious and healthy food even more difficult. That is why Wellness developed a line of dry and canned food called Simple . These foods only contain a few carefully selected ingredients so that the chance of a sensitive dog having an allergic reaction is greatly reduced.


Dogs love their treats, and Wellness provides more than a dozen options. There are hard biscuits, soft treats, and puppy treats. There is also a line of snacks called Pure that contain only a few ingredients so that even sensitive dogs can have their treats.

Wellness dog food developers create products with your dog’s health in mind. While the food costs more than grocery store brands, dogs are likely to eat less each day because they are getting all of their nutritional needs met. These foods, when fed properly, can help to keep your dog fit and active and help him to live a long and healthy life.

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