American Pitbull Puppies

The good news for anyone who wants to purchase American pitbull puppies is that American pit bulls are the only "pitbull type" dog that is recognized by the United Kennel Club and the American Dog Breeders Association.

Because this is a recognized breed, it is very easy to find reputable breeders simply by visiting the United Kennel Club website at This is the only pitbull type dog that you could consider if you hoped to show the dog. While in dog show circles the term “pitbull” refers only to American pitbull puppies, outside of those circles, several breeds are included.

It was in the 1800’s that some dog breeders began to try crossing Bulldogs and Terriers.

The goal was a dog that was both strong, like the Bulldog, and very athletic, like the Terrier. American pit bulls are brave, strong and very loyal to those that they love.

Unfortunately, over the last several years, this breed has received a lot of bad press and, therefore, the reputation of American pitbull puppies, as well as all pitbulls, has been tarnished.

While some American pit bulls do display aggression towards other dogs, they are, in general, extremely gentle to humans. Of course, any dog that is not treated properly can become aggressive towards humans.

American Pitbull puppies need to be socialized

Unfortunately, because this breed now has a reputation for being aggressive, it has become popular among those who engage in illegal activities and those who want a dog meant to intimidate others.

Most dog owners who want a dog for such reasons do not properly care for it, and often they even abuse the dog.

It is true that there are some instances of this breed attacking humans, but it is not as common as the news media would have people think.

The truth is that pit bulls are not the breed that bites the most. They are not the breed that is most aggressive towards humans and they are not the breed that is most dangerous to have around children.

In fact, in the early 1900’s, these were as popular a family pet as golden retrievers are today. Their gentle nature and fierce loyalty still make them a good choice for a family pet.

They are, however, a strong dog with a lot of energy. For that reason, a dog owner must act responsibly when raising American pitbull puppies. Here are some things to consider before buying or adopting this breed.

They may need to be around other dogs

From the time they are puppies, they should get used to being around people of all ages. Never leave ANY breed of dog around small children unattended. 

If you plan to add other pets to the home or put them in other situations where they will be around other dogs, it’s a good idea to have them play with many different dogs from the time they are puppies. 

Bringing them to the dog park is a great way to do this. 

They need you

Some breeds are fine being left alone all day and require a minimum amount of attention. American pitbull puppies are NOT among those breeds. These dogs develop a strong bond with their owners and crave attention. They need to have an abundance of interaction with their human family members every day. 

They can jump

You need to have at least a 6 foot fence if you plan to let your American pit bull run around your yard. They can jump, and if they see a squirrel a stray cat or a ball there is a good chance that they will. 

They look intimidating

Because of the way they look and how they have been portrayed in the media, American pit bulls are intimidating to many people. Get used to dirty looks, rude comments and people acting terrified anytime you are with your pet. 

You will be an ambassador for the breed

Because of their reputation, it’s important that everyone who decides to purchase American pitbull puppies is aware of the importance of correcting the misinformation that is out there about the breed. That means raising well-behaved, gentle pets that act appropriately in public. 

American pitbull puppies make wonderful pets. When raised correctly, they will grow into gentle and loving dogs that will provide your family with years of joy. 

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