American Pitbull adopts baby tigers!!

There are a lot of things that we as humans can learn from the animal kingdom.

One of the things that fascinates most is when some female animal adopts a baby from other species.

This happens all the time and here are some of the stories that I recall reading in the news.

Leopard adopts baby baboon after killing his mother. Instead of killing and eating the baby, the female leopard made sure that it was safe on a tree and the surrounding hyenas could not reach it.

Another story I remember is of a giant turtle who adopted a baby hippo who got lost from his mother during the tsunami. In this case the turtle was male not even female but with great motherly instincts.

And what about the Nuneaton Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary where a previously abandoned dog named Jasmine takes car of any new orphan animal that arrives there! She has personally helped in the rehabilitation process of 5 baby foxes, 15 chickens, 2 dogs and 15 rabbits among others.

Or a cat in Albania who adopted two small puppies because their mother got hit and killed by a car? You could argue that cats and dogs don´t get along but this type of situation happens all the time. I have personally witnessed a dog taking care of kittens and being very very protective.

Now you might be asking what does this have to do with american pitbulls?

Absolutely nothing my friend.

Just kidding.

American Pitbull Shows Big Heart

Just to show the sweet side of pit bulls here you can watch a video about a female adopting two baby tigers in a zoo in Tunisia.

And remember that this is not just some isolated, once in a lifetime situation. If you have eyes to hear and ears to see you can find many more cases where pit bull types of dogs are saving and caring for other animals.

I have read about pit bulls taking care of kittens that were abandoned by their mother.  

This means that they saved their lives.  

I've been in a situation where my cat rejected her newborn babies twice and unfortunately we could not find a solution. 

If we had a pit bull like the one shown in the video below, the kittens would surely have survived. 

Ok, enough chatter.  

Here goes the video.  

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