American Pitbulls Flying the Friendly Skies

If you are an American Pitbulls owner and you want to travel to some long distance with your friend then you know how hard this can be.

If you go by car then you have the problem of where to sleep with your pit as not too many places accept dogs and with pitbulls it can be even mre difficult.

And what about Air travel. Don't know about you but I would not let my pitbull be treated as a package in the cargo section of an aircraft.

I have heard some horror stories about pets who were traumatized by this type of travel or, in some extreme situations, even died.

Luckly in this word there are some brilliant minds who come up with solutions for pitbull owners who need to travel with their best friends.

I am talking about Pet Airways, the first pet friendly airline. In this airline only pets are allowed to travel in the cabin with the crew members. Dogs are treated as part of the family and get all the confort they deserve.

Pet Airways flyies to many US destinations such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington DC, Fort Lauderdale and many more.

And yes, I got confirmation from them that they accept Pitbull types of dogs. They told me that they have already flown many pits with absolutely no problems.

For more information you can access Pet Airways

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