American Staffie is cool around other dogs!!

Remember I told you that you should never trust your American Staffie or in general bully breed dog not to fight other dogs?

Well I like to give this general advice because of the potential damage that could happen in a dog fight involving bully types.

However sometimes you get pleasantly surprised.

30 minutes ago I met a woman who was walking a beautiful two year old American Staffie.

His name is Thor.

We started talking and I decided to walk with her and Thor for a while.

I asked her about how Thor reacts in the presence of other dogs and she said "just fine, never had a problem".

As she was saying this a small white Poodle approached us. And you now what Thor did. He lied on the ground wagging his tale and waiting for the poodle to close the distance.

The owner of the Amstaff explained to me that he does this so that other dogs are not intimidated by him and will approach him with no problems.

This is a great exemple of a bully breed dog fighting the prejudice of society (and other dogs...) that all pitbulls should be killers.

What about if I (Thor) like other dogs and would like to make new friends? Should I be denied of this just because I am an American Staffie?

As I always said, there are exeptions to the rules and YES some pitbulls can get along with other dogs.

Key thing is to know your pit very well and act accordingly.

Thanks to Thor for beeing such a nice fellow.

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