Baby Pitbulls

Few things are as adorable as a litter of baby Pitbulls. Before you bring one of them home, however, there are some things to consider. Look over this list before deciding on a new pet.

baby pit bulls

Know What You Want

When people get a pet they have different ideas of what they want. Some want a running partner. Others want a couch buddy. Some want a guard dog. Others want an athlete. It’s important to know what you want in a dog before making a decision.

A common misconception about baby Pitbulls is that they will grow into a tough-as-nails guard dog. While these dogs will often protect their owners from imminent harm, they are not a great choice for a guard dog, and the reason is simple: They love people.

It is often said among those who have Pitbulls that if someone breaks in they will probably end up with a new pet as well as whatever other stuff they steal.

That being said, Pitbulls are effective as passive security dogs meaning that they can be a deterrent to criminals simply because of the dog breed’s reputation.

If you are looking strictly for a guard dog you may want to consider another breed. If, however, you want a family pet that could make a great therapy dog or athlete then a baby Pitbull is a great choice.

Be Ready for a Challenge

Pitbulls get a bad rap. That being said, these dogs can be challenging. Many Pitbulls are animal aggressive. While this can be controlled, the urge cannot be eliminated completely.

The ideal Pitbull owner will be strong, understand the breed and be willing to ensure the dog gets proper and consistent training.

For someone who has never had a Pitbull before it can be a bit of a challenge, but it is one that is well worth it.

Consider the Future

Another thing that should be part of any decision to get a baby Pitbull is future plans. Finding rental properties that will allow Pitbulls is becoming more challenging with each passing year. Some cities have banned all Pitbulls, and even dogs that look like Pitbulls, entirely.

If there is any chance you may have to move, especially if you will have to rent, then you may want to consider another breed.

Be Ready to Face Discrimination

This is an unfair part of Pitbull ownership. Some dog parks have signs that state Pitbulls are not allowed. Some doggy day care and boarding facilities will not take Pitbulls.

Others, including giant pet retailer PetSmart, mandate that Pitbulls must be kept isolated from all the other dogs. PetSmart will not even allow Pitbulls to be tested (as all other dogs are when entering their daycare).

Pitbulls – even Pitbulls that are certified therapy dogs – are automatically isolated based solely on their breed.

If you do choose a Pitbull for your next pet you will have the right and the responsibility to help eliminate the unfair stereotypes about Pitbulls by ensuring your own pet is properly trained and very well behaved in public.

Helping Baby Pitbulls Feel at Home

If you do choose to bring home a new pet there are some things you can do to help the dog become accustomed to you and to your home.

Most people will have to leave their dog alone to go to work. To help the dog feel secure, put a piece of clothing with your scent on it in the kennel with her.

You will want to provide adequate potty breaks, especially when the dog is young and not yet fully housebroken.

If you can’t do this due to your work schedule, ask a neighbor or, perhaps, hire a dog walk to stop by during the day.

By understanding all of the things mentioned above before you choose a baby Pitbull, you will not end up getting a puppy only to have to turn it into shelter down the road.

Baby Pitbulls are not right for everyone but, in the right home, they make amazing family pets.

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