Big Pitbulls Kill a Cat

Big Pitbulls Kill a cat!!

This could be one of the many news headlines which are made to scare the public and increase the myth that pitbulls are nothing but killers.

One of the big debates when it comes to pit bulls is if the would be able to get along with cats. I have written about this already and also have put a video on this website were you can see a pitbull and a cat having a great time together.

You might be asking, why am I writing about this issue again?

Last week a dog walker which I talk to often told me this interesting story about a big female pitbull he takes for a walk on a daily basis. I have seen this pit before and she always appers quiet walking with another 5 dogs wich include labradors, golden retrivers and some other mixed dogs.

The intersitng story the dog walker told me is that the pitbull once killed a stray cat.

I asked him how.

He said that the cat attacked the pit jumping out of nowhere and her reaction resulted in the dead of the cat.

Now here comes the interesting part.

The guy told me that the pitbull lives in the same home together with a cat and respects her no problem also because when the pit arrived the cat was already there.

So what is the lesson that we all can learn from this story?

Maybe a pitbull can be ok with a cat living in the same home and beeing used to it since they were puppies but then again be careful with cats (or dogs) that are strangers...

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