Black Pitbulls

Black pitbulls are among a variety of colors which includes red, brindle, tan and others.

Not to be mistaken for the blue pitbulls, which boast a unique shade of black, true black pitbulls are among the most common of the breed.

Some have purchased a black pit because they thought it was the less common blue color. To avoid making this mistake simply study a few photos of a blue versus a black pitbull. The difference is easy to spot once you know what you’re looking for.

There are myths about black pit bulls being more aggressive or protective, but there is no truth to that. The fact is that pits are pits, regardless of the color.

The disgusting breed of people who enjoy using these dogs as fighting dogs probably understand that color doesn’t help the dog be better fighters.

Black pitbulls may be among the most popular because they are the most abundant, and therefore, least expensive.

A recent news study determined that black dogs are overlooked at kennels. They are actually the least adopted dog.

In a kennel, it usually costs the same, regardless of the type of dog being adopted.

In that scenario, they have less of a chance to be adopted than their lighter coated fellow pits. When they are being sold by breeders, however, they are more popular than the others.

One thing that is certain is that black pits are beautiful dogs. Like any other pitbull they make wonderful, gentle pets if they are treated right.
They make loving, loyal companions that will go out of their way to please their masters.

Unfortunately, it is that great loyalty that has allowed black pit bulls – and all pitbulls – to be treated in such despicable ways. Dog fighting and other atrocities have plagued this type of dog and, as a result, the reputation of the entire breed has suffered.

Famous Black Pitbulls

Pitbulls didn’t always have such horrible reputations. In fact, the most decorated dog in military history was a mostly black pit. 
Sergeant Stubby was the only dog to earn a promotion during battle. He located wounded soldiers and warned of incoming artillery. He also helped to capture a German spy.

After his time in the military, this famous black pitbull met with Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge. He died in 1926.

Helen Keller, Theodore Roosevelt and General George Patton are just a few of the famous people who have had pitbulls as pets. So why is the image of black pitbulls and other pitbulls so distorted? It’s because people have abused the breed and the media seems to delight in reporting every pitbull attack.

There certainly have been stories of horrible pitbull attacks, but they are not the dog that bites most (that award goes to the Chihuahua). Responsible pet ownership has a lot to do with it. Pitbulls are the not the right dog for everyone.

If you do decide to purchase or adopt any type of pitbull, be sure to talk to a dog trainer to learn how to train your pet so that he will be a loving and valued family member for years to come. 

black pit bulls
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