Blue Nose Pitbulls

Blue nose Pitbulls are popular partly because of their lovely coats and partly because of the first two myths listed below.

Anyone considering bringing a blue nose Pitbull – or any type of Pitbull – into their home should consider these 5 common myths.

They are a special breed

These dogs are different from other Pitbulls only in coloring. They are not a breed set apart from any other Pitbulls.

They are not more or less aggressive. They are not worse or better athletes. They are simply Pitbulls with a light silver to charcoal covered coat.

Blue nose pitbulls are worth more money

This myth is a favorite of unscrupulous dog breeders who are cashing in on the popularity of blue nose Pitbulls.

Not only is this dog not a special breed, but it is not at all rare. Some breeders want the public to think that blues are rare so they can charge a premium for them, but it’s simply not true.

They are not worth any more or less than other Pitbulls.

The rest of the myths apply to all Pitbulls, and not just to those that happen to have a certain coloring.

They have locking jaws

This is an old myth that many still believe. The story goes that once a Pitbull locks on to its victim that the dog’s jaw locks making it impossible to save the victim.

The truth is that locking jaws are NOT part of that anatomy.

They are very dangerous around children

In the early 20th century Pitbulls, including what are now called blue nose Pitbulls, had a cute nickname: Nanny dogs.

They earned that moniker because of how gentle and protective they were with children. Many families relied on their pets to watch over the little ones, thus the name nanny dogs was born.

The myth that Pitbulls are much more dangerous around children is false, however, NO type of dog should be left around children unattended. Remember that dog’s play can turn rough quickly, so never leave a child alone with a dog of any breed.

They are naturally more aggressive than other breeds

This is, perhaps, the most dangerous myth about blue nose Pitbulls and Pitbulls of other colors.

It is dangerous to the dogs, because the belief that Pitbulls are more aggressive has led to mass euthanizations, breed bans and other practices that has led to millions of wonderful dogs to be put down for no reason.

While the papers are full of stories about Pitbull attacks one must ask where all these dangerous Pitbulls were in the 1980’s when the papers only reported Rottweiler attacks or in the 1970’s when Doberman Pinschers were supposedly marauding the streets attacking people.

Pitbulls are just the media’s “dangerous breed of the day,” but in truth the numbers tell a different story.

When temperament tested, Pitbulls passed at a higher rate than dogs in general. They also passed at a higher rate than popular breeds such as Beagles and even Golden Retrievers.

In spite of these myths, blue nose Pitbulls make wonderful pets for the right family, but they are not for everyone. Understand that it is a strong, energetic breed that needs proper training and handling to thrive.

Don’t let any of the myths above influence your decision. If you love the coloring of a blue nose then get one for that reason, and not because of the myth that are a rare and more valuable type of dog.

blue nose pitbulls

Blue nose pit taking his little friend for a ride

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