Blue Nose Pits

Blue nose pits are very fascinating to a lot of people because this is a color that cannot be found in many dog breeds.

Some breeders would like people to think that blue nose pitbulls, or blue pits, are worth more money than pits with different coloring, but this isn’t true.

The only thing different about a blue nose is coloring.

That’s not to say that all pit bulls are the same, but any differences between them have nothing to do with the coloring of the dog.

Still, blue nose pitbulls are beautiful, and, regardless of what the media would have you believe, they make good pets. Here are a few things you should know before choosing to purchase or adopt one.

• They do not necessarily make great guard dogs.

Many people choose pit bulls because they want a great guard dog. The truth is that while pits, including blue nose, display fierce loyalty to their owners, they are typically very friendly, even with strangers.

These dogs can be trained to be guard dogs, but be sure if you choose to do this that the training is done by a professional and that you are able to call the dog off with one command.

• They may display animal aggression.

While pit bulls are not usually aggressive toward humans, they are often animal aggressive. This means that you should not leave your pit bull alone with other animals. Instead, always supervise even if the dogs have played together for years. Also, if your blue nose has not been socialized with other dogs it is not a good idea to drop by the dog park one day. You have no idea how he will react to being around so many other dogs. Once your pit bull gets riled up over another dog, it is very difficult to call him off (unless, of course, he’s had the proper training).

• They are stubborn, so obedience training is recommended. 

Even if your blue nose pit seems to be the most well-behaved dog you’ve ever seen, it is a good idea to put him through obedience training anyway.

Remember that this is a strong dog. It is better to put the training in place so that if a situation arises you’ll have the confidence to know he will immediately obey your commands.

• They can jump.

A four foot fence just isn’t going to cut it. Your blue nose is strong, and he is also very agile. If he sees something interesting on the other side of that four or five foot fence, there is a very good chance that he is going over. Instead, install at least a six foot fence. Also, a privacy fence is a better option than a chain link, especially if you live on a busy street.

Blue pit bulls are beautiful animals and wonderful pets. Just don’t get tricked into paying a premium because of the dog’s coloring. Better yet, adopt from a shelter. Save your money, and save a life.

Below you can see two pictures of Rosko which is a beautiful Blue Nose (Thanks for the pics Wilma)

blue nose pitbulls
blue nose pitbulls

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