Brindle Pit Bulls

Contrary to many media reports, pit bulls can make wonderful pets.

These are beautiful dogs that can be found with a wide variety of colorings. One of the most interesting and beautiful is brindle pit bulls.

The coat of brindle pitbulls is made up of several shades of brown with tiger-like stripes throughout.

In some, the brindle coat covers their entire body while others have patches on an otherwise white, black or tan coat.

While brindle pit bulls are beautiful and highly desirable they are not as rare and valuable as some unsavory breeders would have you think.

The fact is that other than the coat, there is no other distinction between brindle pit bulls and other pitbulls.

The difference is color alone.

Brindle pit bulls are not even among the rarest of colors. Still, some breeders hoping to make some extra cash, market the dogs as rare. Many people, hoping to purchase a pitbull of a certain color, fall for the ploy and pay way more than the dog is worth. Brindle refers only to the color of the dog’s coat. It is not a distinct “type” of dog.

Here is some good news for anyone who would like to own a brindle pitbull: You can probably find one for a fraction of what a breeder would charge through one of the many pitbull rescue groups located all around the country.

In most shelters, there are more pitbulls available for adoption than any other type of dog. A trip to your local humane society or SPCA may be all it takes to locate a pitbull with a beautiful brindle coat.

It is also fairly common to find pitbull puppies available for adoption. If you choose to adopt a full grown dog, you will have the assurance that the dog was put through temperament testing before it was placed on the adoption floor.

If you choose to purchase, rather than adopt, a brindle pitbull puppy, be sure that you go through a reputable breeder. Look for a local breeder so that you can visit in person. If a breeder will not allow in-person visits then find someone else. No reputable breeder would allow you to adopt one of his dogs without meeting you and seeing how you interact with the dogs.

You can view brindle pit bulls, as well as pitbulls of every color, by doing a quick internet search. There are photos and videos of the dogs on the internet that can help you decide which color of pitbull is most appealing to you.

Again, the term “brindle pitbulls” refers only to the color. Brindles are available in every size and shape as other pitbulls, so you will probably be able to find exactly the dog you want.

Take the time to find a reputable breeder or, better yet, adopt a brindle pitbull that is in need of a loving home. Do not pay more for the dog simply because of the color of his coat. Any breeder that would charge you more for a brindle pitbull has only his own best interests in mind.

Brindle pit bulls are beautiful and, like all pitbulls, have the potential to make wonderful family pet.

brindle pit bulls

Brindle pit bull puppy

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