Colby Pitbulls

When many people think of pitbulls they think of fighting dogs.

While this is a sad part of the history of this wonderful type of dog, it is one that cannot be ignored.

Colby pitbulls are an example of a type of pitbull that was originally bred with one thing in mind: winning fights.

The disgusting practice of dog fighting in this country continues – albeit illegally – but many of the Colby dogs that are still part of this historic line are now owned by responsible dog lovers who would never dream of participating in the barbaric world of dog fighting.

This line began in 1889 when John P. Colby used the best dogs brought into the country by immigrants to create what he considered to be the perfect dog.

As is the case with all breeds, certain qualities were considered valuable. When Colby was creating this line of dog, the qualities he cherished were temperance, gameness and conformation.

The reason he wanted those qualities, as mentioned above, was for fighting. The sad fact is that his dogs were the best on the dog fighting scene. One champion, named Colby’s Bobtail Bob, won a record 20 battles.

Now, more than 100 years later, the lineage of Colby dogs can be traced back to start of this line. The same traits that made the dogs good fighters are now valuable for different reasons. These dogs are extremely intelligent, athletic and loyal.

Unfortunately, some people still want dogs with the Colby bloodline because they are good fighters. This includes people who participate in illegal dog fighting in the United States and those who transport the dogs to other countries, such as Mexico, where dog fighting is still legal.

The Colby dogs that are not unfortunate enough to end up in the hands of people who consider blood battles a sport often still have good use for the gameness that was bred into them. These dogs are often winners at dog shows and take the top prizes at canine athletic competitions, such as weight pulling.

Other Colby dogs are family pets and are wonderful security dogs that are typically very watchful over the children in the family.

Many of today’s pitbulls are stocky and have a larger head. Colby pitbulls, however, tend to be slimmer and more agile than some other types of pitbulls. It should be noted that what is desirable in pitbulls varies between different dog breed associations.

For example, The American Dog Breeder’s Association (ADBA) look favorably upon pitbulls with a slimmer build, such as the Colby pitbulls. The United Kennel Club on the other hand favors a stockier build.

Those wishing to own a true Colby will have to wade through the many breeders who claim to have dogs with the Colby bloodline, but offer little proof that that is the case. The best way to be sure that you are getting a true Colby is to contact the family directly through their Web site.

The descendants of John P. Colby still breed the dogs. There are not too many that are available in any given year, but they may be able to point you in the right direction if they do not have any pups available.

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