Dog Dna Testing

Many owners of mixed breed dogs would love the chance to learn exactly what breeds are present in their pets.

Dog DNA testing allows them to find out. A number of companies, have been analyzing the DNA of family pets for several years.

Some of such companies have been featured on news shows, Animal Planet and in a variety of magazines.

Collecting a sample for testing is easy and can be done at home. You simply order your test kit and then take a cheek swab from your pet.

Mail the sample back and wait for your results which usually come in about two weeks.

Once your sample arrives at the lab, the DNA will be isolated and the breed testing process begins.

Then the results are analyzed and the DNA markers found in your dog’s sample is run through a program that will match it with breeds. Most mixed breeds dogs will not have, for example, 50% of breed A and 50% of breed B.

Instead, there is usually a more complicated mix. For this reason your results will be broken down into three categories:


If results show that 50% of more of your pet’s DNA is a specific breed, it will be listed in this category. Keep in mind that most mixed breed dogs will not have anything in this category.


In this category are breeds that are easily spotted within your pet’s DNA.

In The Mix

If a breed appears in your pet’s DNA in very small amounts, it would be included in this category.

What´s The Point?

For most pet owners, it is sheer curiosity. Perhaps they are curious as to whether certain behaviors can be attributed to a certain breed. It’s just a really fun thing to be able to know for sure which breeds are present in your mixed breed dog.

What Dog Dna Testing is Not

Dog DNA testing cannot be used as legal proof that a dog is of a certain breed or that it comes from particular parents.

It cannot be used to prove that your dog is fit to compete as a certain breed and does not take the place of proper papers that are required for entry into dog shows and similar events.

What Does It Cost?

The cost for testing ranges from USD 69.90 to USD 189. That includes the kit to collect the sample, testing and a certificate highlighting the results. If you upload a picture of your pet to some of the testing Web site, that picture will also be featured on the certificate.

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