Pitbull Dog Food Type, Canned vs Dry

I was just reading a newsletter of Doc. Andrew Jones in which he is analyzing dry and canned dog food type.

Now before we go on, remember to first choose a high quality pitbull food such as the ones mentioned in this website.

According to Doc. Jones canned food is better for the following 3 reasons:

1. Moisture Content

This is because dogs do not drink enough liquids and live in a chronic dehydration. Also it resembles more of what they would eat in the wild.

2. Animal Protein and less carbs

It is more difficult to add lots of carbs in a canned food. Less carbs mean less chance of diabetes and obesity.

3. Digestion

Easier to break down and digest because canned food is already partly broken down.

So make sure you feed your pit some high quality food everyday.

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