Facts About Pitbulls

There are many myths surrounding pitbulls. For that reason, an exploration of facts about pitbulls is even more interesting.

Below you will find some pitbull facts that are very interesting.

In the early 20th century they were the most popular dog to have as a family pet.

Thanks to the unfair reputation that pitbulls have been saddled with in the last 20 years, this is hard for many people to believe. But here’s one of the facts about pitbulls: In the early part of 20th century, pitbulls were as popular as Golden Retrievers and Black Labs are today.

A quick internet search will reveal old photos of the dogs in cribs with babies, playing with small children and chilling on the blanket during a family picnic. Teddy Roosevelt had pitbulls in the White House, and Helen Keller had a beloved pitbull named Sir Thomas.

They make wonderful therapy dogs.

Again, this pitbull fact is hard for many to believe, but it’s true. Because pitbulls are so loyal and obedient, they can be trained to be fabulous therapy dogs. They visit hospitals and nursing homes to comfort and visit with patients. Recently, headlines were made as some of Michael Vick’s dogs, which were being trained to fight, started their careers as therapy dogs.

They excel in agility competitions.

These are less surprising pit bull facts: they make wonderful athletes. Because pleasing their master is so important to a pitbull, they often do well in such competitions. Their strength and endurance, coupled with that desire to please, gives them a leg up on the competition.

They are not a breed.

Many think that the term “pitbull” refers to a breed of dog. In fact, the word instead to refers to a group of dogs. The most popular of these are the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Other breeds are incorrectly lumped under the pitbull umbrella simply because they display a couple of characteristics of pitbulls.

The come in a variety of colors.

And no coloring makes one pitbull more valuable than another. Red nose, red coat, blue and brindle are all possible coloring traits. None, however, make a pitbull worth more. Many do not know this and are tricked into paying a premium for pitbull puppies that display a certain color nose or coat.

Some are larger than others.

Because the word “pitbull” refers to several breeds of dogs, the sizes of pitbull varies widely. They range from 35 pounds to close to 100 pounds. Also, some are more muscular than others and some have a broader skull.

At one time, some called them “nanny dogs”.

Because they were so good with children, many gave them the nickname of “nanny dogs” in the early 20th century.

They are not especially aggressive towards humans.

This surprises many people who think that all pitbulls are extremely dangerous. The pitbull facts are that when tested for aggression toward humans, pitbulls pass the test 84% of the time. That is compared to only 77% of the general dog population. That means that pitbulls pass the test at a HIGHER rate than dogs in general.

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