Free Pitbull Puppies

Free pitbull puppies' is a sign or classified ad that is seen far too often.

Failure to spay or neuter pets is one of the main reasons that there are so many pitbulls without a home.

Some who are considering bringing a pitbull into their home start their search with breeders, but why not instead adopt or rescue a homeless pitbull?

Types Of Pitbulls

Technically, pitbull is not a breed but is rather a group of dogs that include many breeds. There are many breeds that are sometimes classified as pitbulls. The three most well-known and widely accepted are the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Some also classify pitbulls with terms such as “brindle” or “blue nose”. These are really just coloring traits. They do not distinguish various types of pitbulls. Some think that certain coloring makes pitbulls more valuable, but this is just a myth. If you want a certain color, that is just a matter of preference. It does not make the dog more valuable.

What to Know Before you Adopt

Once you decide on the type of pitbull that you want, you will need to decide if you are going to visit a breeder or search for free pitbull puppies. It can be difficult to find puppies of some dog breeds, but that is not the case with pitbulls. Animal shelters all over the country often have many pitbull dogs and puppies that need homes.

For this reason, it is a great idea to start your search at local shelters. Not only will you save money over buying a dog, but you will be saving the life of a homeless pet.

There are some things that you should know before you adopt a pitbull. As is the case with any type of dog, you must consider the time and cost of ownership. Dogs need to be able to spend time with their owners and get adequate exercise.

If you do not have a yard in which the dog can run and play, you will need to take the dog to a dog park each day or for long walks or runs.

Financial considerations include the cost of feeding the dog as well as providing routine vet care.

It should also be noted that pitbulls have gotten a very bad rap. It can be difficult to find rental properties that allow pitbulls. This is unfair, but it is the reality. If you do not own your home, be sure to check with your landlord about whether they will allow pitbulls. Also keep in mind that if you need to move, you may have trouble finding a place that will allow this type of dog.

Finding Free Pitbull Puppies

Start your search for free pitbull puppies at your local SPCA or other shelters. You will probably have to pay a small adoption fee, but that will usually include the dog’s first shots, heartworm test, spaying or neutering and microchip.

Another place that you can look is in local classified ads. Many pet owners whose dogs have given birth try to rehome the puppies themselves.

No matter where you start your search, know that choosing to adopt or rescue is usually a far better choice than buying from a breeder. You’ll be saving a life and gaining a new best friend.

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