Gator Pitbull, separate facts from fiction

When someone is considering the purchase of a pitbull puppy, they will sometimes say that they are looking for a “Gator Pitbull.” One should wonder, when hearing that, if the person truly understands what it means, or if he just wants one based on rumors about the dog.

The term Gator Pit bull refers to a pitbull puppy that comes from the Gator pitbull bloodline.

Some say that this specific bloodline was bred in order to be excellent fighters. This may or may not be true, but at this point it doesn’t really matter.

The reason that it doesn’t matter is that the Gator bloodline has been so watered down over the years that there is no way to guarantee which gator traits your puppy will or will not have.

Many of the traits commonly associated with Gator pit bulls have to do with their ability to fight until the death. That would beg the question as to why someone would be looking for a dog specifically because it had such traits.

Because dog fighting is illegal, not to mention a disgusting way to abuse these animals, why would anyone need a dog that is an excellent fighter?

Of course there are those who may want a pitbull from the Gator bloodline simply because, in some circles, this is a thing of prestige. But because, as mentioned earlier, the breed is so watered down, it truly is just a matter of paying a lot more money for the same dog that could be adopted for a fraction of the cost.

Because of the gross mistreatment of pitbulls, shelters all over the country have an abundance of them up for adoption. In many locations, the shelters can’t keep up with the demands and as a result many pitbulls that would make great family pets are euthanized.

Another point to consider is that because some disreputable breeders know that some people may search for a Gator Pitbull, many list their dogs as such even if there is no reason to think that the dog is actually related to the Gator pit bull bloodline.

Again, with the bloodline so watered down, you’re taking a chance when purchasing a dog based on the hopes that it is part of that bloodline.

As for making a great pet, there is no reason to think that even a true Gator Pit bull is going to have traits that will make it a more loyal, obedient or loving dog.

Instead of purchasing a dog based on its popularity (whether for good or bad reasons), make a list of traits that are important to you and find a good match that way. You will find that all pitbull puppies have the potential to make loving and loyal pets.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a dog that may or may not have a strong Gator bloodline, consider adoption instead. The adopted dog may not have been bred to fight until the death, but it will make a loving family pet that will be forever grateful to you for saving its life.

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