Gottiline Pitbulls

Gottiline pitbulls have only been on the scene since 1997. This line was started by Richard Barajas after he bought a dog named “The Notorious Juan Gotty” from Grey Line Kennels in Los Angeles.

The line of pitbulls that are now known as Gotti’s are extremely stocky, wide in body and have a broad head.

The name of the original sire, as mentioned above featured the name “Gotty”, but it is often misspelled as “Gotti”.

For people who know pitbulls, these dogs are very easy to recognize with just a glance. They are hard to miss thanks to their sheer girth.

They tend to get attention wherever they go.

The popularity of Gottiline pitbulls is bittersweet.

It is sweet for those who claim to sell dogs that are Gotti’s because they often take a high price. It is not uncommon for one of these dogs to sell for $1000 and up. Unfortunately, some who desire this dog want it for the wrong reasons.

Because these dogs look so intimidating, they are popular with criminals and people who want to use the dogs to seem intimidating or, because these dogs are strong, for dog fighting.

Some argue that Gottiline dogs are actually a mix of American Staffordshire Terriers and another breed, such as Mastiffs

Of course, this is not something that is known, but it is a matter of speculation.

This is not a rare dog, but it is important to note that the purity of the line has been diluted and therefore you must be very careful about which breeder you choose.

It is also of note that animal rescue shelters all over the country are full of pitbulls. For many who wish to own this type of dog, that is the best place to start a search.

Some feel that the popularity of Gotti pitbulls has as much to do with good marketing as with the dogs.

Yes, the dogs are beautiful and their look distinctive, but for some segments of the population, the name “Gotti”, and the association with criminal activity, has also been a draw.

Because these dogs are so strong and stocky, they are good at certain types of athletic events such as weight pulling. The same stocky body precludes these dogs from being champions in the types of sports that would require more agility, such as obstacle courses.

So do Gottiline pitbulls make good pets? While the general temperament of a dog is influenced by the lineage, it is important to remember that a Gottiline dog is not a separate breed – it is just a pitbull.

They do make good pets, especially if they are introduced to the family as a puppy. Even older or rescued dogs can make great pets, but temperament testing must be done since the conditions in which the dog has been raised will probably be unknown.

For those wishing to show their dogs it should be noted that The United Kennel Club will not accept these dogs with cropped ears or blue eyes. If you want your dog to be a show dog then you will need to be even more careful when researching breeders.

Overall, the Gotti dogs are a good choice for some owners. They are loyal, smart and strong. For others, the allure of a stocky body is not enough of a reason to buy from a breeder rather than rescuing a pitbull from a shelter.

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