Halo Dog Food

Halo Dog Food - A Labor of Love

In 1986, Andi Brown was astonished by the ingredients that were contained in dog foods. She decided to take action by forming a company that would produce healthy pet foods, which did not use fillers, or other harmful chemicals, or ingredients. The new company was named Halo, which is currently partly owned by daytime television host, Ellen Degeneres.

Today, (just as with humans) dogs can benefit from Halo, Purely for Pets, holistic, and whole nutrition approach. Following the Degeneres motto: "I always say that you should treat your pets as well as you treat yourself," Halo Dog Food provides your pet with gourmet style meals.

Halo pet food exemplifies the company's principles of balance, nature and love. Each, bag, or can contains only the highest quality natural ingredients.

This not only helps your dog to enjoy its food, but creates a healthier animal, and hopefully a longer life.

A Short List of Halo Dog Food Products

Halo, Purely for Pets, has a full line of healthy dog products. They are proud that their dog food products do not contain chicken meal, or other rendered, or waste-product meats which can contain diseased animal parts, and can be dangerous for your pet.

Instead, Halo is made from high grade eggs, chicken, cranberries, barley, carrots, flaxseed, and other natural ingredients.

Here is a short list of Halo Dog Food products:

Dry Dog Food

Spot's Stew Dry Formula consists of Wholesome Chicken, Wild Salmon and Wholesome Lamb from 4-30 lb. bags. The Spot's Stew Dry Formulas are enriched with butcher-quality, chicken, lamb, and wild salmon. Farm-raised vegetables are added for an energy packed meal.

Canned Dog Food

Original Spot's Stew is one of the first Halo products. Over two decades of research has gone into this product, and the results are excellent digestibility and taste for dogs of all ages.

Products include: Succulent Salmon, Wholesome Chicken, Wholesome Lamb, and Wholesome Beef. Sizes range from 5-22 ounces cans.

Original Spot's Stew helps keep your dog lean, and has ingredients to rebuild your dog's body tissue. As with the dry dog food, the Original Spot's Stew is made from the highest quality of moist meat, fish and poultry.

Dry Puppy Food

Puppy Dry consists of PUPPY Wholesome Chicken and PUPPY Wild Salmon. The PUPPY products have the same high standard ingredients as the others, but have food that is gentle enough for your puppy's digestive system.

Special attention is given to your puppy's immune system, and extra ingredients help build strong bones and teeth. Your puppy can have healthier heart and eyes from the essential amino acids that are provided in each bowl.

Extra protein is added to help build strong muscle and joints. The amount of special care given, makes Halo Dogs Food for Puppies a sensible choice for pet owners.

As a responsible dog owner, it's your job to make certain that your pet is well provided for.

Halo is definitely and alternative choice of feeding a home made diet to your pit bull.

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