Huge Pitbulls

There are plenty of people who claim to have huge pitbulls.

Some would say that is not possible as breed standards for the American Pit Bull Terrier dictate that the dogs cannot weigh more than 60 pounds. While the United Kennel Club does not recognize any other breed as being a true pitbull, many people do.

The other two most common breeds to be called pitbulls are the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Other breeds are often lumped in the group as well.

While there might not be agreement about which breeds should be included in the pitbull grouping, most do agree that huge pit bulls are not true pitbulls. The thinking is that if a pitbull weighs any more than 90 pounds it must come from a line that has been so watered down as to not be a true pit.

There is no official group that keeps records about which Pitbull is the largest, so it is not really possible to make a determination about who has the biggest pitbull type dog. The dogs were not bred for large size so, as mentioned earlier, anything over 60 pounds is considered a very serious fault.

Still, 60 pounds, while not exactly a huge pitbull, is still a good size dog. Often, pitbull type dogs look even larger than they actually are because many of them have stocky builds and a large head.

Because of their build, pitbulls can look intimidating even though they weigh less than some other breeds. Of course, it should not be any responsible dog owner’s goal to intimidate people with their pets, but the dogs may provide somewhat of a deterrent to anyone who may think of breaking in to your home.

That being said, keep in mind that no matter if you have small pitbulls or huge pitbulls, they do not make the best guard dogs. That is because they are such friendly dogs by nature, even to strangers. If someone breaks into your house with a bag of dog treats , there is a good chance that they will win your pitbull’s affection as well as make off with your belongings.

The dogs can be trained for guard duty, but any such training should be done by a professional.

Huge pitbulls – whether or not you choose to consider them “true” pitbulls – have the potential to make wonderful pets, but they do require an owner who knows what he is doing. Because pits can sometimes have a stubborn streak, you will need to train your dog to listen to your commands.

A good obedience training class is all it should take to teach huge pitbulls (or not so huge pits) how to listen and obey your commands the first time you give them. If you do decide to purchase or adopt a pitbull or pitbull mix, be sure to keep in mind that while these dogs are not usually human aggressive, they are very often animal aggressive.

It’s a good idea to always supervise play between your pitbull and other animals.

Also, don’t take him to a dog park until you know how he socializes with other dogs.

Huge pitbulls and smaller pitbulls have one thing in common: They all are loyal, loving dogs who make fabulous family pets in the hands of loving and responsible owners.

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