Information on Pitbulls

Many consider buying or adopting a pitbull, but would like more information on them before making a decision.

While an internet search will yield millions of hits, the best way to gather information on pitbulls, and decide whether they are the right choice for your family, is to spend time with a few.

This can be done by contacting a local pitbull rescue group, or by visiting the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Both shelters and rescue groups will almost always have many pitbulls that are up for adoption.

You can spend time with them and learn how each dog will interact with members of your family.

While visiting pitbulls is one of the best ways to decide if they are the right pet for your family, you may still want to learn about the group in general.

Facts such as history, temperament and other important information on pitbulls can be found in a multitude of ways.

Obviously, there is the internet. The problem with a lot of the information on the web is that it may not be terribly accurate. There are, however, internet sources for finding info on pitbulls that is accurate. You just need to know where to look.

Of course a good place to start is where our goal is to provide you with high quality information obtained through personal experience and research.

Many locations have groups that are dedicated to improving the image of pitbulls and other bully breeds. These groups can be a good source for information on pitbulls. They have done research to rebuff some of the myths surrounding pitbulls and will normally be armed with facts and figures to back up what they are saying.

Because there is such a divide between people who love pitbulls and those who think they should all be killed, it is not always easy to decipher whose information is the most accurate.

That is why you must rely on facts rather than anecdotes or personal stories.

It does not matter how any particular person feels about pitbulls.

It does not matter if your neighbor’s cousin had an uncle that was attacked by a pitbull.

Neither does it matter if your other neighbor bred pitbulls who raised her children for her without ever harming a hair on their head!

Instead, when seeking information on pitbulls, you need facts and figures that can be backed up with research. That is the only way to know that you are relying on accurate information rather than on someone’s emotional response or knee-jerk reaction to something that they read in the paper.

There is a LOT of information on pitbulls in books, magazines and on the internet. Take it all in if you wish, but then work to separate the fact from the fiction.

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