Pit Bull Adoption, how to find the best shelters

If you have decided to go for pit bull adoption be aware that you could potentially save a life.

Hopefully you have done your homework on what it takes to own a pitbull so you are not getting caught by surprise and will later on use frases such as "oh my god I dint know that pitbulls were aggressive against other dogs"

or let´s say that during a nice walk you get approched by a man walking a big black lab.

This man happens to be a casual dog owner, not knowing much about dogs.

His lab starts to sniff and get into dominant position with your pitbull. The man asks you if your dog is ok with other dogs and you reply "yeah no problem, he is cool".

As the dogs sniff each other, suddenly, out of nowhere something triggered a fight.

I wish you good luck on breaking it.

Then you say "oh my God, this has never happened to me, I am so sorry, bla bla bla".

But the damage is done.

Believe me, I have seen this type of situation many times and not only involving pitbulls. It´s amazing how some people don´t know their dogs well.

Ok, assuming you know enough about the breed, then the next step of pit bull adoption would be WHERE to adopt.

Yes my friend not all pitbull rescue groups are the same.

Here are some important points to look for in a pitbull rescue group or shelter:

1. They have been with and evaluated a dog for at least 40 days (maybe even longer).

Less than this time is difficult to evaluate a dog and therefore risky to put it into a new home. Remember the goal is that the new home would be great place for the pitbull to live the rest of his days, what´s the point of getting the pitbull back to the shelter two weeks later huh.

2. They teach pitbulls basic obedience skills such as heeling properly on a leash and basic commands such as sit down stay and come.

3 Test the pitbull for potential dog aggressive behavior and warn the owners about the issue. Some pitbulls get along fine with other dogs, but not all of them so people should be aware of this.

So now you know what to look for on your pit bull adoption search.

Wish you good luck

P.S Below you can find a picture of a pitbull puppy waiting for adoption in a pitbull shelter.

Pit Bull Adoption

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