Pit Bull Attacks

Pretty much every news story about a dog attack mentions a Pitbull, but are Pit bull attacks as common as some would have you believe?

Are Pitbulls really more aggressive than other breeds, and do they bite more than any other breed?

Below you’ll find the answer to these and other questions about Pitbull attacks.

Blame a Pitbull

In the 1970’s there were regular reports about vicious Doberman Pinschers attacking innocent passerby. In the 1980’s the blame for most of the dog attacks shifted to Rottweilers. Today the Pitbull is the punching bag of the media, but many experts say that it is an unfair portrayal. One of the biggest problems is that many news reporters and even police officers assign the blame to a Pitbull when the attacking dog was actually not a Pitbull.

This came to light when experts looked back at several years of fatal dog bite reports. They found that in many cases where the dog was listed as a Pitbull or Pitbull type dog (what does that even mean?) that the dogs were, in fact, not Pitbulls.

In some other cases it was determined that the dogs were mixed and it could not be determined if there was any Pitbull in the mix.

Pitbulls are Human Agressive, Right?

Some people think Pitbulls sit around chomping at the bit and just waiting for a chance to rip a human to shreds. If this were the case wouldn’t there be tens of thousands of attacks each year?

There are, after all, millions of Pitbulls kept as family pets. The truth about human aggression and Pitbulls is surprising to many:

They tend NOT to be human aggressive.

So much so in fact that they often make horrible guard dogs. Instead of attacking a burglar, they are more likely to end up trying to lick him into submission.

While they tend not to be human aggressive, many Pitbulls are aggressive to other animals. Pitbulls are not alone in this trait, but it is something a Pitbull owner must consider. While some Pitbulls do great with other dogs and cats, some will do better as an only dog.

Because of the tendency to be animal aggressive, it is extremely important that Pitbulls be socialized with other dogs from an early age.

Pit bull Attacks

So if Pitbulls aren’t human aggressive then why do we read about so many Pitbull attacks? Part of the reason was discussed above:

Pitbulls are wrongly blamed for attacks when it was another type of dog. In almost every case in which a serious dog attack occurred, the dog was left outside alone or was abused in some way.

In other words, responsible dog owners could have prevented the dog attack.

No matter what the paper prints about Pit bull Attacks, these dogs are not inherently dangerous or vicious. In a way it’s a circle: The media portrays them as vicious, so unscrupulous people want this type of dog so they can appear tough or intimidating.

That type of dog owner is not likely to be a responsible pet owner and so it goes.

Pitbull attacks are rare.

If the owners understand the breed and behave as responsible pet owners, a Pitbull can make a wonderful and safe family pet.

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