Pit bull dog training, lets take a look at all the options

There are some different ways of pit bull dog training and it´s important to take a closer look at each one so you can decide which one is best suited for your pit.

Most of the methods that I will mention are NOT based on negative reinforcement such as correcting, yelling or scolding your pit. This is no fun for neither you nor your pit and therefore should be avoided.

One important thing to remember is that, if possible, we should structure the pit bull dog training in a way that your pit thinks that the desired behavior was his idea and NOT yours.

An exemple of this, from human perspective, would be a situation where a friend of yours is sitting on a chair and you want him to get up.

Insted of saying "get up" say "aren´t you tired of sitting down"?

See where I am going?

Now back to pit bull training.

Most of the modern obedience training methods rely on a principle known as positive reinforcement.

In a nutshell, instead of punishing negative behavior you reward the positive behavior.

Probably the most famous method of positive reinforcement is called Clicker Training where a device known as a clicker is used as a bridge between the time the behavior was performed (such as sit) and the reward (a treat).

I will devote some other articles just to clicker training and give you a nice introduction.

The other training methods that are used rely more on the "dogs came from wolves" theory and believe that you should structure all the training as if you were in a pack of wolves in the wild.

The most famous example of this type of training is Cesar Millans Dog Whisperer. He's very popular and has written many a great book about canine psychology.

Another similar method is Jan Fennel´s Dog listener which is based on emulating natural behaviors. Jan got inspired to create this type of training by expanding on the theories that Monty Roberts was using with great results on horses.

In addition to Monty and Cesar there's also this trainer from New Zeland which is doing a fantastic job in educating dog owners on how to be the pack leader.

So hope you liked this introduction on the methods of pitbull training and remember, no hitting, screaming or scolding your pit.

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