Pit Bull Rescue Groups

Pit bull rescue groups are doing a great effort to stop a very sad trend.

Did you know that last year 10 thousand pitbulls were put to sleep?

Yesterday I was reading an article from the Arizona Republic who was explaining the reasons for the current situation.

Here is what´s happening:

1. Untrained breeders try to cash in on the popularity of pitbulls.

Sad but true whenever there is a breed that is very popular there is always a great deal of disreputable breeders who just want to make some fast money and do not care about breeding the best type of pitbull possible.

Same exemples have happened in the past with breeds such as the Collie (because of Lassie) with the Dalmations (101 movie) and the Chihuahuas (Yo quero Taco Bell remember?).

Breeds change but the history repeats itself.

2. Pitbulls limited tolerance to confined spaces and the public´s reluctance to adopt them.

Last year 10´000 pitbulls have been put to sleep. This is more than 2007 and in 2009 it will be even worse if nothing is done.

No dog likes to live in confined spaces but pitbulls are considered to be very active dogs so they especially need to move around a lot in order to be happy and balanced.

They need this more than other breeds.

Remember the Vick case? Because of the media attention many pitbull lovers came together and proved society that 90% of them could be adopted and happily live in families, with other dogs, with cats, as pet therapy and so on.

Was there a lot of hard work and dedication involved? Of course but it was possible. I just wish that people would look at this and not fear pit bulls so much when considering to adopt a dog.

The article also mentions that pit bulls are not for beginners which is true. I would say not for beginners and not for the casual dog owner.

Here's a list of some pit bull rescue groups

Pit Bull Rescue Central


Animal Farm Foundation

P.O Box 624

Bangall, NY 12506

(518) 398-0017



Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls

P.O Box 27005

Oakland, CA 94602

(510) 414-6461



Paws Place Inc.

Lake of the Ozarks Area

Animal Rescue and Shelter

501(c)(3) Status

Phone: 573-216-1391 or 573-216-1497

Email: pawsplaceshelter@live.com

Contact: Paul and Joyce Rhodes

Pit bull rescue groups

Pitbull waiting for adoption at a shelter

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