Pit Bull Toys - Introducing the Unbreakoball

As pitbull owners it is sometimes very difficult to know which pit bull toys are long lasting and won´t be destroyed by our best friend in a few days (or hours...)

Today I have the pleasure of introducing a product/company that manufactures a pit bull toy that is unbreakable.

Unbreakoball is a family owned company that produces a ball so resistant that if it breaks they will replaced it. I wonder which other company has the same guarantee....

Check out the little chat I had with co-founder Thor

You have more than 30 years of experience with pitbulls and currently own 2. Tell us a little about your opinions of the breed.

They are misunderstood.

All dogs have the potential to be mean. The fact that Pitbulls also have the power to back it up is why it makes them a target in the media.

Pitbull attacks make good headlines. So the general public who has never come in contact with this breed automatically condemns them because of what they hear and see in the media.

How and why did you decide to build pit bull toys?

Due to the lack of quality toys that can handle their strong chewing power.

What type of research did you do before coming up with the original Unbreakoball?

We tried many many toys on the market. None of them lasted so we decided to make our own. My dog Bebe played with our customized ball for more then 7 years. Based on that we knew it was durable. We made a few improvements to the prototype. A better gripping pattern and a thicker wall. That is how the unbreakoball evolved to what it is currently.

How old should a pitbull puppy be before we can introduce the 4,5´ Junior Unbreakoball?

The Junior is recommended for dogs between 20-40 pounds. So I guess a pitbull puppy could easily play with the Junior at around 10-12 weeks.

They grow fast!

And what about the “Big Daddy” Unbreakoball? Tell us about the new tool that you developed.

The new Big Daddy is thicker & heavier. It comes in a flat orange which looks tougher.

The hole pattern is now symmetrical. The ball now has our trademarked "Unbreakoball" Name and "Made in the USA" embossed on it.

Give us a short review of the other products that you offer at www.unbreakoball.com

All of the other products have been worn our tested by our family and friends.

We will not sell anything that we would not purchase for use ourselves. Most importantly all of our toys and foods are made in the USA and our breed awareness gear is printed in the USA.

Thanks for your time Thor and keep up the good work!
To purchase the unbreakoball for your pit go to www.unbreakoball.com

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