Pit Bulls for Sale, How to find your new best friend

Did you know that the number of pit bulls for sale at any given time is likely higher than a lot of other breeds?

This is good news if you have decided that you want to make a pit bull your next family pet, but don´t know where to start your search.

You will likely pay more than the dog is worth, and there is a much higher possibility that the dog will have health and emotional problems.

Add to that the fact that buying a dog from a puppy mill means that you are supporting cruelty to animals and it is easy to see the importance of finding a reputable breeder.

There are many of them out there, so you just need to know what to look for when you see someone advertising pits for sale. Here are a few tips to finding a reputable breeder.

• Visit the breeder in person.

Avoid buying your dog on the internet without ever meeting the owner in person. When you do this, you have no idea who you are getting your new puppy from. Even though there are lots of folks advertising pit bulls for sale on the internet, only do business with someone if you can visit them in person.

• Carefully inspect the areas where the dogs are kept.

If the area is cramped, filthy and crawling with bugs then there is a good chance this breeder does not have the best interest of the dogs at heart. If they do not even bother to keep the dog areas clean, do you really think that they care about the health of the animals?

• How soon is the breeder willing to sell you the dog?

Some “breeders” just can’t wait to get your money. In their rush to cash your check, many will let the puppies go much too early. Remember that puppies that are separated from their mothers too early are subject to all kinds of problems later on.

• What type of screening process is in place?

As carefully as you screen anyone advertising pitbulls for sale, a reputable breeder will want to screen you just as closely. Any breeder who will sell a dog to just anyone doesn’t care about the welfare of their dogs.

• Are they trying to charge a higher price for certain coloring?

This is a common scam, but reputable pit bull breeders are not going to charge a premium for a dog based on the color of his coat or his nose. Red nose, brindle, fawn and blue are all phrases used to describe coloring of pit bulls. None are rare, and none are worth more money. Don’t be ripped off.

In addition to plenty of ads for pits for sale are ads for pits for adoption. There are so many wonderful pits that have no home.

You can adopt one of these animals for a fraction of what it would cost to buy one.

If you do choose to buy a pit bull, remember that not everyone who advertises pits for sale makes a good choice for a place to get your next pet. Do some research so that you can find a pet that will be healthy and happy.

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