Pitbull Bloodlines

Many Pitbull bloodlines exist; each with their own strengths.

Deciding which bloodline is best for you is a matter of taste and whether or not the dog will be used in shows.

There are dozens of different Pit bull bloodlines.

Below are just a few examples of some of the most well-known.

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The Colby is a line started in 1889 by John Colby. Colby’s dog, Primo, was the one used by the American Kennel Club to set the standard for the American Staffordshire Terrier.

Colby’s have a good temperament and are fit and agile. They do not have the huge heads that some associate with Pitbulls as that characteristic was not bred into Pitbulls until later.

Colby’s continue to be one of the top bloodlines.


This is another desirable bloodline, but most dogs today that are supposed to be Carvers are actually a diluted version since other bloodlines have been mixed in over the years.

This bloodline, started by Maurice Carver, is considered by many to be one of the best.


The Gator Pitbull bloodline started with a fighting dog named Gator. He was so successful that his owner wanted to produce more champion fighting dogs, and so the bloodline was born.

Thankfully, the disgusting practice of dogfighting is illegal now, but Gator Pitbulls are still popular as they are wonderful athletes and have a good temperament.

Why do Pitbull Bloodlines Matter?

Some people say that bloodlines don’t matter, and that is true if you are just looking for a family pet and don’t care about looks and certain traits such as strength and endurance. If, however, you want a dog to compete athletically, such as in the weight pulling circuit, or if you plan to breed or show your dog then bloodline is very important.


If you want to become a reputable breeder then you will need to learn about the various Pit bull bloodlines. Some bad breeders claim to have dogs from a certain bloodline when in actuality they are selling a mix of bloodlines.


Pitbull bloodlines are very important if you want a show dog. If you plan to show the dog you will need to choose a bloodline that produces the traits accepted by the American Kennel Club. Because correct bloodlines produce the traits required for a winning show dog, failing to use a very knowledgeable and reputable breeder will not get you the results that you want.


Dogs used to compete in weight pulling and other authorized athletic competitions need to have certain traits, such as strength and trainability in order to be successful. While there are many fabulous athletes without a pedigree, many who are serious about competition prefer to stack the deck in their favor by choosing a dog from a bloodline known for agility and endurance.

Family Pet

Even if you just want a family pet there are still advantages to choosing a particular bloodline. As mentioned above, different bloodlines are known for different traits. Having a good temperament is a trait that is apparent in quality bloodlines. Of course, great temperaments are also found in dogs with no pedigree.

That's how you train your pit bull

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