Pitbull Collars, what you should know!!

Why are pitbull collars so important?

A woman was waiting in line at a pet supply store when she heard a loud commotion behind her. She turned to see a crowd of people trying to pull a pitbull off of another dog.

While it looked horrible, the pit bull was just trying to play with his new friend.

The problem was the owner of the other dog didn’t know that. So, how did the pitbull get free from its owner?

He pulled on his leash so hard that the collar broke. It turns out that it was a cheap nylon collar that never had a chance against the strength of a pitbull who wanted to go make a new friend.

While this event had a happy ending, a better choice of collars could have stopped this problem before it started.

Here is some information about common pitbull collars. 

• Choke Chain

This collar takes its name from the fact that when a dog tries to pull on his leash, the chain constricts and chokes him, causing him to stop pulling. It is effective, but many animal rights groups think these collars should be banned. If you do choose to use a choke chain, NEVER leave your dog chained in the yard wearing it. If it begins to choke him, he may not be able to move in such a way that the collar will loosen.

.  Pinch Collar

The pinch collar works in similar fashion to the choke chain, but instead of choking a dog that is pulling on the leash, the pinch collar has rows on metal spikes that dig into the dog when he pulls. The pain usually will cause him to stop. Obviously, this type of collar is also under attack by animal right groups. Some choose to use choke chains and pinch collars, but the same effect can be achieved without causing your dog any pain.

.   Nylon

A good nylon collar will do the job, but it must be of high quality. For a pit bull, it should be a minimum of 2 inches wide. Once the collar begins to show signs of fraying, or if it has been chewed, you will need to replace it with a new one.

.   Leather

Leather collars are a bit tougher than nylon but, again, must be of good quality. You will want to choose a width that is appropriate for your size dog. Always be sure that the leash fits snugly, so that your dog cannot slip out, but not so tight that it will choke him.

.   Harness

A harness is a great alternative to pit bull collars. It allows you to stay more in control because you control his entire body rather than just his head. As with any pit bull collars, the harnesses for pitbulls must be made of material that is strong enough to withstand the pulling of a strong pit bull.

.   Training

Proper training is better than any pit bull collars when it comes to keeping your dog under control. That is not to say that it’s a good idea to let your pit bull run free, but if you know that he will come when you call then you can worry less about what would happen if the pit bull collar broke.

No matter what type of collar you choose, always make sure that the hardware is strong and secure. The collar itself could be made of the strongest material on the planet, but if the clasp breaks then that strong material doesn’t do any good. Don’t skimp when it comes to the purchase of pit bull collars. Buy good quality, and check it frequently for damage.

Remember, no pitbull collars or harnesses take the place of proper training. Train your pit bull well, and you’ll be rewarded with a very well-behaved best friend.

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