Pitbull Dog Trainer

Let´s take a look at what type of pitbull dog trainer you should choose when considering training your pit bull.

First of all pit bull training is a must because of several factors. Pits are muscular, strong dogs and if they are not properly trained then you could potentially face some problems.

Also let´s keep in mind that pit bulls are very intelligent and love to serve their leader, it makes them feel helpful and rises their self esteem (yes, pit bulls have self esteem).

Let´s see what your chosen pitbull dog trainer should be teaching to your pit.

1. He/she should teach that you are the leader and that your commands must be followed.

2. He/she should be able to teach basic commands such as "sit" and "stay". These commands are very useful when you don´t want your pit bull to follow you into a dangerous situation for him (ex. crossing a road when a car is coming)

3. Your pitbull dog trainer should also be able to teach the command "come". This command is useful when you want your pit to get away from something or someone.

4."Down" is another useful training command It is very handy when, for instance, you want your vet to examine your pit bull.

How should this training be done?

I always encourage being firm but never to be hitting, scolding or excessively punishing your dog.

This is only counterproductive and will take away the trust that your pit has in you making him afraid.

The trainer should be using positive reinforcement. 

Positive reinforcement is when your dog does the wanted behaviour, you show gratitude and excitement by petting her, giving her a treat or a favorite toy.

This way your pitbull will associate good/positive feelings to the command that you give her and therefore perform the desired task (ex. sit, stay,....). When saying "good boy" or "good girl" use an exciting and happy tone of voice.

The same way when you want to teach her not to do something then you should say a firm "no" for the dog to associate a negative feeling to the "no" command and stop doing the undesired action. When saying the "no" command use a deep stern voice.

Another important thing is the mood of your dog trainer. He should only do the training when happy and in a positive mood. Believe me, your pit will pick up on it. When you feel frustrated or are in a general negative mood, stop training immediately and start again when you are feeling better. This is also a part of positive reinforcement as your pit will associate training with something good, fun and productive for both of you.

Pitbull Trainer

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