Brown Pitbull dog gets along with Pomeranian

Can a pitbull dog get along with other dogs?

It´s amazing how dogs or animals in general teach humans some great lessons on how we should get along with each other.

The other day I met a lady who was walking two male dogs. One was a beautiful brown pitbull and the other one a small pomeranian dog. I asked her about the two dogs and how they get along with each other.

You know how the saying goes, pitbulls should never be around other dogs, other animals, bla bla bla.

However in this article I don´t want to discuss if they can or if they cannot.

It would be very stupid to generalize. It is known that some pitbulls are ok with other dogs (also referred to as cold) and others are not.

What this woman told me is "it´s all about energy"....In other words it depends a lot about the owner and if he has the right energy to be around dogs.

This theory is often spoken by Cesar Millan. 

who says that even some of the worst cases of pitbulls can be ok if they are in the right hands.

Exemples of this are pitbulls that were raised to fight in illegal rings and are now are working as therapy dogs and so on.

How could this be possible if a pitbull is supposed to have the baddest genes on the planet? The media always likes to make us believe that killer genes are part of pitbulls.

If this was true then we would not have pits who act as therapy dogs.

I will stretch this discussion a little more in another post where we will see all the factors that determine how a dog acts.

Meanwhle I tried to find some pictures that closely looked like the brown Pitbull and the Pomeranian I was talking about...(I had no camera with me when I met them...)


Pitbull Dog

Here is the Brown Pitbull...

Pomeranian dog

and here is the Pomeranian

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