Pitbull Dogs, nothing but killers?

Anyone who reads newspapers or watches the news on TV has certainly heard of pitbull dogs.

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The sad thing is that they likely have not heard the truth about these dogs, but instead have been led to believe that all pitbulls are out of control killers that should be rounded up and euthanized.

The news media and those who believe their portrayal of pitbulls must ask themselves a few questions.

1. Where were all these vicious attacks 25 years ago?

Did you ever wonder why it is just recently that pitbull dogs began making headlines? These dogs are not new, but pitbull attacks never made the news until the last 20-25 years. A better question might be what happened to all of the vicious Doberman attacks that seemed to take place every day in the 1970’s?

And where are all those Rottweiler attacks that made news in the 1980’s? Did Dobermans and Rottweilers , once vilified by the media, suddenly learn to behave? And did pitbulls suddenly begin attacking at every opportunity? A more likely answer is that in the 1970’s, Dobermans were the dogs that were picked on by the media.

It shifted to Rottweilers in the 1980’s and now, of course, to pitbull dogs. The truth is that ALL dogs bite and occasionally attack humans. Pitbulls, contrary to what it seems the media would have you believe, do not attack more than other dogs. 

2. How did pitbull dogs make such wonderful family pets in the early 20th century?

What a good question! Pit bulls have always made wonderful family pets, and they still do today. They are loyal, obedient and loving. 

They are so good with children that they were once nicknamed “nanny dogs”. Pitbulls were the number one choice for a family pet in the early 20th century.

Did the entire breed suddenly just shift into attack mode? No, but there is a reason that they seem to attack more. As the media portrays them as vicious, certain types of people find them attractive. In the 1970’s, drug dealers would have Dobermans as guard dogs. Today, they are likely to have pitbulls. When pitbulls – or any other dog – are mistreated, they have the potential to become aggressive. 

3. Why when an attack is by a pitbull, the breed is named, but if it's another type of dog, the breed is not named?

Remember the French woman who received the first face transplant after being attacked by her dog while she slept? Do you know what kind of dog mauled her? If one wanted to find out, they had to do some digging. That’s why it was obvious that it was not a pitbull dog.

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Had it been a pitbull, the headlines would have screamed “PITBULL ATTACKS OWNER WHILE SHE SLEEPS”. Instead, headlines read “DOG ATTACKS OWNER….”. It was difficult to learn which breed of dog had carried out such a vicious attack, but eventually the answer was found. It was a black lab.

The point is that there is obviously bias in the media when it comes to which dog attacks to report and how they report them. It is not fair to pit bulls today anymore than it was fair to Dobermans and Rotties in the past. The good news for pitbull dogs is that the media will soon move on to another breed.
That is also bad news for the new breed which is destined to become the new favorite of criminals and others who will train their dogs to be vicious.

Pitbull dogs

Two pit bull dogs inside a car

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