Pitbull Farms, know the facts!!

If you choose to purchase a dog from pitbull farms, then you must do a very careful homework.

Most people have heard horror stories about disreputable breeders who treat their dogs horribly and sell ill, malnourished and unsocialized dogs.

These problems are very real.

There are good dog breeders and bad dog breeders. The same can be said for every industry. There are horror stories about pitbulls being rescued from inhumane treatment from pitbull farms, but that doesn’t mean that they are all bad.

Some pitbull farms operators truly keep the best interest of the dogs first. There are some things you should keep in mind when deciding on where to purchase your pitbull.

Below are some signs of a disreputable breeder.

• Will not allow you to visit the dogs onsite

A good breeder will INSIST on such a visit. He will want to be sure that you are a suitable match for his dogs and will require that he see the way you interact with the dog before allowing you to purchase one.

• Sells many breeds of dogs or offers to get you any type of dog you want

Many puppy mills turn out dogs of nearly every breed so that they can sell to a customer no matter what they want. NO REPUTABLE BREEDERS DO THIS.

• Sells dogs only via the internet

Again, a breeder who cares for his dogs is going to allow you to visit the dogs before you make a decision to purchase.

• They will not allow you to see the parents

The best breeders will have one of the parents on-site. This will provide you with a chance to see what dogs your puppy comes from as well as give you an idea how the dogs are treated.

• Always has puppy for sales

This is a big red flag. If the breeder says he always has puppies available, you need to find another pitbull farm.

• No Vet Requirements

If the pitbull farms operator has no list of mandatory vaccinations that is a sign that you are not dealing with a reputable breeder. Also, he should be asking you for references from you vet so that he can verify that you have properly cared for pets you have had in the past.

Those are just a few of the signs to look for when deciding whether to do business with certain pitbull farms.

If you aren’t allowed to visit then DO NOT BUY A DOG from them. If you are allowed to visit, then make note of the cleanliness of the area in which the dogs are kept.

Also, do the dogs seem playful, happy and well-adjusted or are they timid, and hesitant about human contact?

Choosing reputable farms is not only about making a stand against cruelty to animals. The overall health and temperament of your pet depends largely on where he came from. Choose wisely, and help put puppy mills out of business.

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