Pitbull Fights, let´s take a closer look!

Why do pitbull fights happen? Honestly do you know why?

We always hear the media telling us about different pitbull attacks but we never stop and analyze each one of them as to see what really happened.

Normally the pit fights that make the headlines are comprised in the following categories:

1. The police just uncovered an illegal dog fighting ring such as the Vick case were pit bulls were FORCED to fight one another.

So in this case , at least, the blame is not on the dog but on who made them fight.


2. Pitbull fights humans

This type of attacks should not be very common because pitbulls and in general bully breeds have been bred for fighting purposes with other dogs but never with humans. One of the requirements was that no matter how aroused your pitbull became during a fight with another dog or a bull or whatever they were fighting, they should never bite the handler.

So why do pitbull attacks against humans happen?

Well first of all it doesn´t happen all the time, and of course not more than other breeds trust me. It´s just that pitbulls make headlines.

In the few cases where it happens it´s because the dog is not treated well by the owner and/or not trained properly. And by treating well I don´t mean just hitting or not giving food. I mean never walk the dog, leaving him in a crampt apartment or some small claustrofobic backyard where he can never release his high energy.

If you know what it takes to own a pitbull, train him in basic obedience, socialize him from puppyhood and don´t keep him chained all day long then I seriously doubt that you will have problems with pitbull fights against humans.

3. Pit bull fights other dogs

This one is a little more tricky. To answer it one should remember that pitbulls were bred to fight other dogs, so it is in their DNA and some of them have very low tolerance to other dogs, especially if they are from the same sex and if none of them is spayed or neutered.

All bully type of dogs experts agree: Never trust your pitbull (or bully breed dog) not to fight another dog. And therefore always take precautions to avoid any possible confrontation.

Now you probably want to tell me that there are pitbulls that are wonderful around other dogs and that you saw in the Dog Whisperer how Cesar Millan's pit bulls get along great with other dogs. Of course there are such pit bulls but not everyone. When talking about dogs one should always respect their instincts.

For exemple, Cocker Spaniels are hunting dogs, especially birds. So one should never trust a Cocker Spaniel not to attack something that has feathers. Does this mean that all of them will attack any bird. Maybe not but if it happens you should not be surprised. Remember instinct!

4. Pitbull fights a cat.

This case is similar to point three. Some pitbulls have very high prey drive and some others not so high. What you can do is socialize them when they are puppies, make them meet cats so they know that they should be friends.

However, again, you should not leave your pitbull alone with cats, always supervise it.

Again, are there exemples of pitbulls living with cats and getting along? Of course, but not all of them will. And remember if there is a fight, one time is enough.

So hopefully more and more pitbull owners will educate themselves on what it takes to own a pitbull and thereby eliminating the chance for pitbull fights to happen.

And remember to always supervise your pitbull around other dogs!!

pitbull fights

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