Pitbull Food

What is the best Pitbull food?

I firmly believe that one of the best solutions is home made cooking rather than feeding poor quality dog packaged food which is usually loaded with all kinds of chemicals, preservatives and so on.

The saying “dogs only eat dog food because the can´t cook” is very very true and if you´ve ever owned a dog then you know what I am talking about.

Of course now days dog owners are more critical as to what pitbull food they should choose and as a result it forced some dog food companies to come up with high quality packaged dog foods. 

However, keep in mind that because many of the original nutrients and enzymes in dog food are destroyed during processing, a strict diet of processed food is not sufficient and is at best unnatural for dogs.

But wait, not everyone has the time to cook every day for his pitbull so here is my advice on this matter.

Let´s say that you decided to incorporate home made food into your pitbull´s diet, well that´s great but there are some guidelines that you should follow.

You want to make sure that you provide all the nutritional blocks that keep your pitbull healthy.

The pitbull food should include animal protein combined with vegetables, pasta, rice, cereals and other foods that give the right combination of protein, carbs, fats and vitamins.

Generally meets that are lower in calories such as turkey, chicken (remember no bones) and lamb are better and so is salmon for fish. (great omega 3 source).

Good vegetables include carrots, broccoli and leafy greens.

For carbs you can use pasta (with some sauce will keep your pitbull more motivated to eat it..), rice, oatmeal.

Finally you can also feed fresh fruit such as banans, apples, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Some human diet foods you want to ABSOLUTELY AVOID to feed your best friend include:

Chocolate, pastries, bread (especially white), onions, fresh garlic, raisins and grapes.

Remember, coocking will take more time than feeding packaged food but ultimately will be better and save you some trips to the vet along the way.

But Andrew what if I don´t have the time to cook?

Well, then you should choose from the highest quality pitbull food you can possibly find. 

Here is a list of best ranked dog food brands which have been judged by using the best known method of grading the dog’s food.


Blue Buffalo is one of the best ranked dog food brands. It contains a precise blend of nutrients and antioxidants that have been selected by many holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists.

Blue Buffalo offers dog foods in three different categories. The first, dry foods have several recipes which can be selected depending on the age, breed and size of your dog. In second category comes the canned food which is home style recipes and stew with different garden vegetables.

The third category includes products such as health bars, grain free biscuits, mini bars, jerky, Blue bits and bites which go a long way in training and showing you love towards your dog.


Halo Dog Food products also find a place in best ranked dog food list. The brand is very popular for supplying natural dog foods, pet supplements and natural treats for dogs. The dry food includes canned foods, stew dry and puppy dry.

These natural dry foods are well known for giving very high quality ingredients which do make a difference in your dog’s health. The pet supplements have all the required vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which support the immune system of your pet to make him more strong and active. The natural treat products include variety of health food like some dog biscuits as dog treats which add fun and enjoyment.


Another listed brand in best dog food ranked list is Orijen dog food . This brand has been an award winning and biologically appropriate pet food. Its products keep a correct ratio and quantity of fresh whole food excluding ingredients like cereal and grains which are not a part of their natural diet.

Its products include grain free puppy dry food , regional red dog food, adult formula dry dog food and fresh fish/sea vegetable food.


Wellness Dog Food Formulas have also made a place in the list. Their products include food free from meat by-products, any animal fats and potential allergens like corn, soy and wheat as well as any decorating artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives. The food comes in a wide selection of formulas and includes Wellness core dog food, core ocean dog food, reduced fat dog food, health chicken dog food and many others.

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