Pitbull Kennels, how to choose the right one!!

A quick Google search for pitbull kennels will yield thousands of results.

Of all of the kennels listed, however, it is hard to say what percentage are reputable breeders and what percentage are not.

Sadly, many are nothing more than puppy mills churning out dogs without regard to their welfare, health or happiness.

Purchasing a dog from such a place helps to keep people in the business of treating dogs poorly.

It can also cost you hundreds of dollars in extra fees that such places routinely tack on for characteristics, such as certain coloring, that in reality do not make the dog more valuable.

Additionally, the pet purchased from such kennels is more likely to have serious health and behavior problems from the poor conditions his mother was kept in and that he was kept in as a puppy.

Here are some tips that will help ensure your new pet does not come from a puppy mill or other poorly run pitbull kennel.

Don’t Purchase a Dog Online

When you purchase a dog online without ever visiting pitbull kennels you are taking a huge chance. You have no idea what conditions your pitbull is coming from. When you buy a dog online you could be funding a dog fighting operation for all you know. Is everyone who sells dogs online disreputable? Probably not, but anyone who would sell one of their dogs to someone without ever meeting them clearly does not have the best interest of the dogs in mind.

Don’t Meet at an Offsite Location

This is a bad idea for the same reason as purchasing a dog online. You should absolutely visit the kennel before purchasing a dog.

Get Put Through the Ringer

The more thoroughly the breeder wants to check YOU out, the more of a chance you are dealing with a reputable breeder who truly cares about his dogs. Sure it might be a bit inconvenient to have to fill out an application and be subject to home visits and vet reference checks, but it is worth it if it provides some peace of mind about pit bull kennels that you are dealing with.

Don’t Use Any Pit bull Kennels

Most shelters and rescue groups around the country will say that there are more pitbulls in need of a good home than any other breed. This is largely because of irresponsible owners. Why pay hundreds of dollars for your new pet from a kennel when there are thousands of such dogs in shelters in every state just waiting for a home?

Some are afraid to adopt a pitbull without knowing its history. The fact is that most pitbulls available for adoption through shelters or rescue groups have been put through a stringent temperament test. If he is up for adoption, it means he passed.

It’s true that you probably will not know the dog’s history, but you won’t know the true history of a dog purchased from a disreputable kennel either. At least when adopting, you know that the dog has passed the temperament testing and that you are rescuing a dog who might otherwise be euthanized.

Whether you adopt or purchase a dog from pitbull kennels, it’s important to properly train the dog to obey your commands, so that, regardless of his past, he will obey his new master.

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