Pitbull Mastiff

If you do an internet search for “Pit bull Mastiff Mix” you will find a selection of adorable pictures.

Note that these pictures are not uniform, and there is a good reason for that:

There are many types of Pit bulls and many types of Mastiffs, so when you mix the two the possibilities are endless.


Mastiffs are large dogs that are popular for use as guard dogs, but that can also make wonderful family pets. More than a dozen types of mastiffs exist, and some breeds have been around for thousands of years.

Some examples of the types of Mastiffs are:

• English Mastiff

• Alpine Mastiff

• American Mastiff

• Bordeaux Mastiff

• Bullmastiff

• Carne Corso

• Neapolitan Mastiff

• Presa Canario

• Spanish Mastiff

• Tibetan Mastiff

While each of these breeds have their own distinct look and characteristics such as the extremely expressive face of the Bordeaux Mastiff or the very droopy jawls of the Neapolitan, they all share common traits as well.

For example, they are all large breed dogs, have a shorter life expectancy than some smaller breeds and, if properly trained make exceptional family pets. 


The term “Pitbull” is a bit of a misnomer. Pitbull is not a breed. Instead, the word is used to denote several breeds of dog including the American Pitbull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier.

Other dogs, including the American Bulldog, are sometimes classified at “Pitbull like” which is unfair and especially problematic in areas where breed restrictions are in place.

Some rental agreements even contain language that includes “or looks like a pitbull type dog.” Such wording is open to interpretation and highlights the ignorance that many people have about Pitbulls.

Pitbull Mastiff Mix

The results of a Pit bull Mastiff Mix dog will depend on which type of Mastiff and which type of Pitbull are bred. Because there are such variations between the types of Mastiffs and Pitbulls, it is not possible to paint a picture that would accurately describe all such mixes.

There are, however, some traits that are common among the different types of dogs within each breed, so certain characteristics are common among Pit bull Mastiff Mix dogs. They are typically large and rather aloof when it comes to strangers.

This makes them a better choice for a guard dog than many Pitbulls which tend to be overly friendly with strangers.

Pit bull Mastiff Mix dogs also tend to have fewer health problems than Mastiffs.

This in generally because the Pitbulls have fewer health problems than Mastiffs, so the mix of the two reduces the likelihood of certain genetic issues such as hip problems.

Some call all Pit bull Mastiff Mix dogs American Bandogges, but this name is officially only applied to American Bulldog and Mastiff mixes. To further confuse the issue, American Bulldogs are considered “Pitbull like” rather than actually a Pitbull.

Generally speaking, Pitbull Mastiff Mix dogs are a great choice if you want a large dog that can serve as an effective guard dog. Keep in mind that not all of these dogs are the same, so it is important to know as much as you can about the parents, so you will have a better idea of what characteristics your Pitbull Mastiff Mix dog will possess.

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