Pitbull Names

Choosing Pitbull names can be just as difficult as names for other breeds of dogs.

Don't choose a name which sounds like a command that your pit bull will likely be anticipated to follow. This will only lead to confusion. Try to make things as easy as possible for your dog.

There are eight basic obedience commands: sit, stay, stand, down, heel, leave and find (or variations of). Also, remember reward commands like: good boy, and good girl. So, any names for pitbulls that sound like these should be avoided.

It's best to keep the name as short as possible. Stick to one or two syllables if you can. You might be tempted to name your do something weird, but most dogs respond to shorter names.

One quick way to search for common or unique Pitbull names is to use one of the popular search engines on the Internet. There are 100's of websites that have lists of dog names. So, you could use these sites to make a shortlist of names you like. Bounce the names off of other family members to see what they think.

You can eventually find one or two names that you really like. There is no reason to give your dog a permanent name immediately.

Try your dog out with a couple of names, and see which one he or she responds to the best.

Don't just think about what you like the best. Remember, your Pitbull has feelings too, and might decide it likes one name over another.

Some people like to give their Pitbulls comical names. One Pitbull owner named their dog, Dookie, because it took so long to potty train him. Maybe this might seem cute today, just remember that your dog might live ten or fifteen years, and your dog will eventually be stuck with that name. So, choose your names wisely.

There are some owners who like to name their Pitbulls after people they know. There is nothing wrong with this idea, but the person you are naming it after might take offense to this. Would you like someone to name their dog after you? I didn't think so.

Pitbulls are tough dogs, there is no argument over that. It doesn't matter if they are brought up with kids, and they are loving house pets.

So, why would you want to name your pit bull Pee Wee, Sassy, Bon-Bon, Dutchess, or Puppy? Pitbulls deserve names of strength and toughness. Here are a few name suggestions for Pitbulls:

Male Pitbull Names

Mojo, Cujo, Jake, Thunder, Tor, Spike, Zeus, Apollo, Max, Conan, Samson, Caesar, Thunder, Kong

Female Pitbull Names

Queen, Queenie, Keesha, Sheeba, Aika, Akira, Gypsy, Xena, Cleo

These are all just a few suggestions. Every person will have their own way of finding a name that is suitable for them. Of course, some people will disagree, and say that it's not necessary to give a Pit bull such a strong name.

Names for pit bulls could probably be substituted for other breeds of dogs, too. In the end, it’s up to you. The important thing is to have fun with your Pit bull.

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