Pitbull Photos, beware of the mixed results

Animal lovers beware: an internet search for pitbull photos can bring heartbreaking results. In addition to extremely disturbing photos related to dog fighting, there are others of pit bulls chained outside, malnourished and with a sadness in their eyes that is hard to miss.

There are also wonderful sites with fabulous pit bull photos, just beware that a search for such photos will bring mixed results.

There are photos posted by so-called breeders who brag about the “gameness” of the dogs in the photos. For those who are not familiar with the disgusting underground world of dog fighting, gameness refers to a dog’s ability to continue to fight, even after suffering serious injury.

The disparity in pit bull photos highlights the disparity in these dogs – and really all dogs’ – lives.

The truth is that there are people out there who should not own dogs. The reasons they should not own dog are too many to list, and they include a lack of compassion and the inability or unwillingness to properly care for the dog.

Some of these unfit dog owners have cameras and, for some reason, want to share their abuse and neglect with the world.

So they post pitbull photos that are disturbing to anyone with even a hint of compassion. They post pit bull photos that could get them arrested should the authorities take the time to track them down. They post photos that, if studied carefully by those who love animals, will leave a lasting impression as the suffering of these animals is easily seen by looking into their eyes.

Then we have the spoiled dogs. There are other pit bull owners who love their pets as part of their family. They care about their health, welfare and happiness and do what they can to properly care for their dogs. Some of these people also have cameras and enjoy showing off photos of their four-legged babies, in much the same way that a new parent hauls out a hundred photos of their baby.

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So they post pitbull pictures that bring a smile to the face of animal lovers who happen upon them. They post pit photos that are – if the truth be told – a little embarrassing in the way that they highlight the extremes these owners will go to for their dogs. They post pitbull pics that, if studied carefully by those who love animals, will leave a lasting impression as the joy of these animals is easily seen by looking into their eyes.

Yes, there are a lot of pitbull photos out there. It doesn’t take long to find them. Just remember that behind each of those photos is a real dog that has emotions, feels pain and just wants to be loved.

Check out the ones shown below!

pitbull photos

pitbull photos

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