Pitbull Puppies, are you ready?

There are not many things that are cuter than a litter of pitbull puppies. Watching them romp and play with their tongues wagging and ears flopping is so much fun.

So fun, in fact, that many people adopt or purchase one who have no business doing so.

While pit bulls can make great pets, they require firm training and an owner who knows how to handle the dog.

Yes, pit bull puppies are a difficult temptation to resist, but there are some things you must consider before wrapping one of them in your arms and taking him home.

• They will one day be pitbull dogs.

It is easy to forget this as you hold that tiny puppy in your arms, but it’s true. Within a year, that cute puppy is going to be a full-grown dog that weighs up to 95 pounds. That is fine for some people, but others do not really consider what it means to own a large dog.

• They will eat a LOT.

A bag of puppy chow might last a pit bull puppy more than a month. As they grow, however, their appetite grows as well. The result is a dog that eats a lot of kibble. Keep in mind that pit bulls are high energy dogs, and need the required fuel to keep going.

• They will grow into dogs that need plenty of room to play.

Your small apartment or tiny yard will be big enough for pitbull pups, but not for a full-grown dog. Pitbulls need room to run and to play. They do not make the best choice for an apartment dog. It’s possible to keep one in an apartment, and many people do just that. Just keep in mind that the dog will need to be walked several times a day and will need an alternate location, such as a dog park, where he can run and burn off some of that energy.

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• Pitbull puppies love to chew.

They will chew just about anything. Shoes, furniture, books the window sill….they truly are equal opportunity chewers! Providing them with plenty of chew toys can help save your shoes and other household items. While some bad habits will dissipate as the dog gets older, the tendency to chew lasts a lifetime. You will need to provide appropriate chew toys for the rest of the dog’s life.

• Neighbors may hate your dog.

It’s sad, but true. Pitbulls have such a bad reputation (albeit unfairly) that many people simply do not like them. Some homeowners associations even have regulations that ban the breed altogether. Many apartments that are “pet friendly” will not allow any dog that even resembles a pitbull. As ridiculous as that is, it is something that one must consider.

Pitbull puppies grow into dogs that can make wonderful pets. Just be aware of the responsibility that you are taking on when you decide to adopt or purchase one. Then, hide your shoes.

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