Pitbull Rescues, giving a second chance

Pitbull rescues from all over the US got involved after a judge made a decision to spare the life of most of the dogs that had been used to fight or were trained to fight.

This happened because a dog fighting ring that involved a famous football player was uncovered.

Because of the disgusting manner in which these dogs had been treated, they could not be put up for adoption by the general public until they had been properly trained and socialized.

The rescue groups gave these abused animals a new lease on life by giving them a safe place in which they learned what it meant to love and be loved before being put up for adoption.

Sadly, some of the dogs had been so abused for so long that it appears they may never be ready to live with a family. But there is a rescue that will give them a place to be safe, warm and loved while they live out the rest of their days in peace.

While the case brought pit bull rescues to the headlines, the truth is that these organizations have been working for years to save the millions of pitbulls that are cast off by owners and rescued from dog fighting rings and other abusive situations. Because of the sheer number of pitbulls that need to be rescued, there simply is not enough room in the city shelters. So private pitbull rescue groups have sprung up all over the country and, some would say, they do the work of angels.

Many dogs come to them sick, broken and battered. The groups nurse them back to health and provide love, training and socialization skills that allow many of the pitbulls to become eligible for adoption.

Sadly, some pitbulls have been abused to the point that they are too aggressive towards humans. Those pitbulls must be euthanized. Even though it is the owners that should be punished for treating the dogs in such a way, it is the pitbulls that are sentenced to death as a result. Even when the outcome is tragic, the rescue groups are able to put the animal down in a humane way that finally puts an end to their suffering.

Even with many pitbull rescues doing a fabulous job, there are way more pitbulls that need homes than there is room for them. You can support your local rescues in many ways.

Adopt a Dog

If you are thinking about adding a pitbull to your family, consider adopting from a rescue group rather than purchasing a puppy from a breeder. You’ll be saving a life, and your new pet will be loyal and forever grateful.

Support Financially

Many pitbull rescues have plans where you can sponsor a dog, and all need financial donations. Many also have a “wish list” which is list of items, such as food and bedding, which the shelter needs to operate.


Volunteering your time is one of the best ways you can support your local rescue group. You can become a foster parent, help at adoption events or work directly with the dogs, bathing and feeding them and teaching them what it means to be loved.

Rescues group do important work that wouldn’t be as necessary if owners fulfilled their responsibilities. As long as there are dogs in need, it’s good to know that pitbull rescues will be there to help.

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